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Paramaribo, Suriname

Mr. Jay Loftin
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Authentic cultures, an enchanting nature and unique people from many different origins. That is what every traveler who visits Suriname will experience with absolute certainty. The diversity of people from various parts of the world who retained most of their original customs and habits, mark Suriname with a cultural blend that is one of its own kind in the entire world.

Suriname is known for its pristine rainforest, exotic plants and animals, wild rapids, large rivers and stunning mountainous areas in the southern part of the country. Dark creeks run through the savannas where white sandy grounds contrast intensely with green trees while palms and huge forest giants in different sorts and colors decorate the magical panorama of the jungle.

Maroon and Indigenous tribes with well kept ancient traditions and habits have their settlements mainly in the interior of the country. The coastal area is the most populated part of the country and its capital Paramaribo offers an abundance of night life activities. Suriname is one of the few countries in South America where casinos are legally allowed and most of these casinos are located in the center of the capital. Paramaribo is often called the Wooden City for its colonial architecture of wooden structures and unique designs.