Intensive English
Transition Requirements
Lower Elementary (Ages 6-9)

In order to be considered for transitioning out of the Intensive English program, the student must meet the following requirements:

Score independently on the Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment no more than one reading level below the recommended level for the age they will be entering¹ .

Not have any open units in Intensive English Reading or Language Arts except for the ones currently engaged in.

Consistently show good study habits as evidenced by²:

  • Actively participating in all class activities without prompting
  • Completing all assignments on time and with consistent effort
  • Keeping up with all expectations for homework

Score at grade level on an age appropriate writing prompt.

Once a student has achieved the first three of these benchmarks, then the student or a teacher can request the writing prompt. This writing prompt will be read by a neutral observer and will be scored based on a rubric.

¹In other words, an eight-year-old student at the start of the year would be expected to be reading at level L (green); they could be considered for transition with teacher approval at level K.

²Recognizing that a student can go through a change in motivation over the course of the year, “consistently” may be defined as exhibiting these behaviors over the course of one full unit.