• Ski Week FAQ

    10-Jan-19 |

    Dear AIS Families,


    The deadline for registering your child for Ski Week is Friday, January 25th. Please register your child online as soon as possible.

    Please fill this form to enroll your students.

    What is “Ski Week”?

    AIS Ski Week is an annual event which gives AIS students (5YO Class and up) the opportunity to enjoy a day of professional ski or snowboard instruction at Ak-Bulak Ski Area. There is no charge for your student to attend.

    What day will my child ski?

    Ski Week will be held between February 11th and February 15th. Your child will ski according to the following schedule:



    Grade Level


    Monday, Feb 11th

    5YO Class and 6YO Class

    Skiing only

    Tuesday, Feb 12th

    12YO Class and 13YO Class

    Skiing or Snowboarding

    Wednesday, Feb 13th

    10YO Class and 11YO Class

    Skiing or Snowboarding

    Thursday, Feb 14th

    7YO Class, 8YO Class and 9YO Class

    Skiing Only

    Friday, Feb 15th

    S1, S2, S3, S4

    Skiing or Snowboarding

    Pickup and Dropoff

    The Ski Buses will leave AIS campus at 08:00. We will depart from Ak-Bulak and return to AIS at 15:30. You can pick up your child on AIS campus at 16:30. There will be a late bus for students who usually ride the school bus. Please make sure you sign your child up for the late bus if needed.

    Where can I turn in student measurements for Ski Day?

    Please turn those in online by Friday the 25th of January.

    If you have not yet filled out the ski and snowboard forms please do it as soon as possible.


    Can absolute beginners take lessons?

    Yes! If your child is an absolute beginner he or she will be taught at their own level by an experienced and professional instructor. The skiing groups are also going to be supervised by the students' own teachers from AIS.

    What if my student is placed at the wrong level?

    The students will be assessed by the instructors on arrival and moved from group level to group level according to the evaluation of the instructor, so please do not be concerned if you think your description of their level is not too accurate.

    How many ski instructors are available?

    The ski school will provide a ratio of one instructor per six students. In addition, AIS staff will be present on site at all times. AIS will provide at least 15 staff members per day. All of the students' teachers will be present for their ski days, plus additional teachers and the Ski Task Force. The main duty for teachers will be to assist students with their personal needs throughout the day to ensure that they enjoy ski day to the fullest.

    Do the instructors speak English?

    The instructors speak English and Russian and there will be enough staff on site to address any linguistic issues. All instructors are bilingual. In addition, they will be in direct contact with AIS staff.

    Is lunch and snack provided?

    Alpine Ski School and AIS are providing a hot meal, water, hot beverages and snacks for the day. If your child has any food related intolerance or allergy, please let us know on the form.

    What to Bring

    On the day your child is skiing, please make sure he/she is wearing warm socks, snow pants and a warm, weather-proof jacket. They should also bring to school:

    • Snow gloves

    • Hat

    • Scarf

    • Sun glasses or goggles (optional, but recommended)

    Unless your child is an experienced skier we ask that they please don’t carry anything onto the ski slope such as a backpack. We will have access to a dry and safe place to store their backpacks, shoes and other belongings while they are skiing.

    Will students be able to ski the “black slopes”?

    The top slope, rated black according to international skiing standards, will not be open to any AIS students. AIS staff members will be posted to ensure that the access to that slope is blocked.

    Will the late bus be available?

    A late bus will be provided for all regular bus riders. If your child does not ride the bus, your family is required to send a guardian to collect your child from AIS at 16:30. If you would like to collect your child from Ak Bulak, you must present the school with written consent and you must be present before the departure of the school group.

    What equipment is provided? Can students bring their own equipment?

    Alpine and AIS are preparing ski sets with skis, poles, helmets and boots for those students who need it. Students are welcome to bring their own equipment, including their helmets, if they have one. On ski day, your child is required to bring a jacket, snow pants, gloves and a hat.

    When can I bring my own equipment?

    Please bring it on the day your student is skiing. If you are going to bring your own equipment, you are responsible for labeling each piece of equipment with your child's name and grade level.Bus drivers will help load equipment onto the buses.

    Will my student miss classes if they go to Ski Day?

    Please note that your child will not miss any classes, because all of their teachers will be accompanying them.

    Can students snowboard instead of ski?

    Yes! Students in the 10YO Class and higher may elect to snowboard instead of ski.  Students in the 5YO Class to the 9YO Class will all ski (no snowboarding).

    Are students required to wear a helmet?

    Yes! All students are required to wear a helmet. If students do not wear a helmet, they will not be permitted to ski.

    Can parents attend Ski Day?

    Ak-Bulak is a public place and everyone is entitled to come. However, AIS will not transport family members on the school buses. This is an instructional day. As such, we ask that you limit your interactions with your children, just like any other school day. It is in everyone's best interest that you do not interfere with the lessons.

    When are the student measurements and permission slips due?

    All measurements must be received electronically no later than Friday, January 25th.

    Other Information

    Ski Week is designed to be a fun and positive educational experience for all students, even those with no prior ski experience. Every child will be taught at the level of his/her ability, and the novices will be particularly cared for. Our students’ safety and security are our main concern. Our ratio of responsible adults per students will be above the minimum required level, as it will also be with Alpine School instructors. No child will be forced to ski if he/she does not enjoy it.

    There will be a sufficient number of teachers and AIS staff members present to assure the safety and answer the needs of the students. Each division will send their teachers on the same day as their students. No child, especially the younger ones, will be left unattended and they will be assisted in every aspect of the day.

    Please be assured that our students security, safety and enjoyment will be our absolute priority. Let's work together to make AIS Ski Week a great success and the next one of a great series of events.

    Best regards

    AIS Ski Task Force