Department of Visual Art-Secondary Art (including Middle school)

Visual art education program at AIS emphasizes a balance of studio and art history. The Art Education curriculum encompasses the arts instruction and training that provides skills and experiences based upon Fine arts (drawing, painting, print-making, sculpture), Applied arts (design that applied to more practical fields such as graphic design, industrial design, architecture, fashion/furnishings-design, interior-design etc. ) and Decorative arts (crafting). Secondary contemporary topics may also include photography, video, film, design and computer art, as well as coursework in Studio Art.  Secondary Art education at AIS is a project based learning to promote visual arts literacy to students in the process of creating art, criticism of art and art history.

The Middle school Art (11/12/13-year-old) course is presented to promote visual arts literacy to the student in the following four interrelated content areas: Elements/Principals of Art, Art Criticism, Artistic Movements, and Art in History. The visual arts literacy format is experience-based with continual guidance and cross-referencing of basic elements of art and principles of design against a wide range of areas of study. Cross-referencing creates a diverse collection of projects and possibilities for the student and instructor.

The secondary Art I & II course is designed for the secondary students preparing themselves for IB or AP Art and for the student choosing to further explore art as an elective in the secondary years.

AIS is offering The Advanced Placement (AP) – Studio Art, it is a university-level course which enables highly motivated students to work toward the compilation of a portfolio with the possibility of earning university credit. There are three different portfolios that students can choose to work on based on their interests: Drawing Portfolio, 2-D Design portfolio and 3-D Design Portfolio.


Students in AP Studio art are required to review and select works of art in order to set up and run all aspects of an art show including organizing, advertising, displaying and act as the host.

To promote the Secondary art to the school and surrounding community. Art displays are happening around the school all year long, and once a year for the final exhibition