Creating loyalty to one’s Alma Mater takes communication and effort. The bonds formed attending AIS as a student, and the success of an AIS alumnus in the global world can be rewarding to any past, present, or future member of our community. We should never forget the contributions you made as students, and your potential to strengthen our community through adulthood. 

AIS is committed to creating opportunities for alumni to contribute to the school community and create a culture of inclusion for future alumni.

Over the next seven years we wish to build opportunities for alumni to interact with their Alma Mater. We have made the commitment to do the following:

Establish an Alumni Organization 
Create Communication Conduits to connect alumni and celebrate their achievements
Create long-term traditions and loyalty to Alma Mater
Engage Younger Alumni and Prepare S3 and S4
Increase Alumni Services and Support
Create Activities at the local, Regional and International Level
Establish School Support, Revenue and Development 

Become an active alumnus—Please contact to get on our mailing list, find us on Facebook, and connect with other graduates from AIS who live around the world!