AIS Child Protection Statement

Almaty International School is fully aware of its responsibility to provide a nurturing environment where students feel safe, emotionally and physically. AIS prioritizes child protection and safety by adhering to both CEESA guidelines and the AIS Child Safeguarding and Protection Handbook. 

 CEESA Safeguarding and Child Protection Statement

  • Safeguarding and Child Protection is a priority for every CEESA School.

  • CEESA commits to supporting school environments that safeguard children through both prevention and intervention.

  • CEESA works in cooperation with international agencies to ensure standards associated with best practices are regularly reviewed, revised, and applied in all operations, activities, and events.

  • CEESA leaders honor and uphold child protection guidelines and procedures, in partnership with all stakeholders in their respective school communities.


All CEESA schools will:

  • Actively uphold the CEESA Safeguarding and Child Protection Statement.

  • Implement school-based Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies and Procedures that include regular onsite training.

  • Employ safe recruitment practices consistent with Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies.

  • Educate students and adults on Safeguarding and Child Protection.


Letter from the director

Child Protection


QSI International School of  Almaty/Almaty International School strives to provide your children with positive educational experiences that are characterized by caring, supportive relationships and free from neglect or abuse of any kind. We are committed to working with you to ensure that the school maintains this type of environment.


Quality Schools International (QSI) has developed a Child Safeguarding and Protection Handbook, which has been adapted to and adopted by this school. By enrolling your child(ren) at QSI International School of  Almaty/Almaty International School ,you agree to work in partnership with the school and you understand and agree to the child protection Code of Conduct. Protocols outlined in the handbook are aligned with the QSI Mission Statement, Exit Outcomes, and Success Orientations, as well as these two articles from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child:


Article 19: Protection from abuse and neglect

. . . Shall protect the child from all forms of maltreatment by parents or others responsible for the care of the child and establish appropriate social programs for the prevention of abuse . . .


Article 34: Sexual exploitation

. . . Shall protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse, including prostitution and involvement in pornography.


To help our students to learn and grow in a safe environment, the following educational components are included in the school’s Child Safeguarding and Protection plan:

  • Age-appropriate lesson plans to foster understanding personal safety, needs, and rights in each classroom.

  • Parent information sessions and resources regarding the school’s Child Safeguarding and Protection programs and policies.

  • Faculty and staff professional development workshops on recognizing and reporting child abuse and neglect.


Thank you for your support in maintaining a school and community in which students, staff, and parents feel safe and happy. If you have any questions about the Child Safeguarding and Protection plan or any other school policies, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Dr. Mitch Elswick