About SI

Quality Schools International (QSI) is a non-profit school organization that was founded in 1971 with the express purpose of staffing qualified, experienced, and caring teachers in private international schools around the world. Starting in Saana, Yemen, in 1971, QSI has since grown to 37 schools in 31 countries spanning five continents.

QSI employs a Mastery Learning approach to education ensuring success for our students. Mastery Learning is an educational model describing a focused and powerful way of organizing curriculum (what is taught) and instruction (the way it is taught) in such a manner as to provide the best opportunity for a student to not just learn but master the material that is being presented.

The SI Way

The success oriented way of operating schools leads to optimum learning and to happy and motivated students. Using knowledge of educational research, these schools are student performance-based rather than 'time-based' or 'calendar-based'. Teachers and students in QSI schools use time as a resource to reach mastery of clearly-defined objectives rather than using time as a boundary condition to determine when learning begins and ends. Students are given the time needed to achieve success. QSI teachers employ instructional practices of excellence. The measure of success in QSI education is how well the students learn. The motto “Success For All” remains an ultimate benefit to the wholesome environment and education of its students.

The uintile

The QSI Quintile Newspaper is a periodical published annually. It highlights schools news, academic success, culture and diversity, curriculum, success orientations and much more from all the many QSI Schools around the world.

Why Quintile? Quality Schools International, as a unique educational organization, distinguishes itself in many ways from other international schools. One of these ways is with the division of its academic year into five quintiles. At QSI, time serves as a resource rather than a limitation and the quintiles help pace student learning through the year. The name of our newspaper reflects this apportioning of time, used to help all students succeed.