• Four Floors

    15-Mar-18 | Jon Mudd

    Construction on the new, purpose-built facility is coming along!  All four floors are on and getting walls!  It is reported that they are a week ahead of schedule and that is great news for us as we are already anticipating move-in day in August!  Check back for more updates!  

    I look forward to giving you a tour in the fall when the building is complete!

  • Science Fair 2018

    04-Mar-18 | Jon Mudd

    Science Fair 2018*

    How does velocity affect balance, how do additives and a candle’s shape affect the speed with which it burns, and what factors have an impact on the growth of bacteria? These are just three of the dozens of questions answered by our young scientists during the QSI International School of Haiphong’s Fourth Annual Science Fair. Last August, Mrs. L (the fair’s founder and organizer for its first three years) handed the torch to Ms. McChesney who did a very efficient job of organizing the fair and mobilizing the students to complete their projects well in advance. As in previous years, Ms. Jacquelin undertook the technical organization of the presentations which were required for all students aged 11 and above.

    For most students, Science Fair is a selective outcome, but for the 11 year-olds and Biology students this is an essential outcome and while the standard of this year’s projects was generally high, all three of the 11 year-olds and both Biology students did especially professional jobs on their projects. Properly done, a science fair project starts with a question, which, following a bit of background research evolves into a hypothesis. Pending further research the student then designs an experiment to test her hypothesis. Based on the results of their experiments, science fair participants reach conclusions which either confirm or refute their hypotheses. The QSI curriculum provides each year-level with a rubric with which to evaluate the success of a project according to appropriate criteria. The success of the fair, however, can be judged by the involvement of the students and the enthusiasm of the many parents who attended this year’s fair on Friday, March 2nd.

    While there were many exciting and interesting projects, by far the most fun was once again provided by Ms. Bona Lee and her preschool staff with its dry ice, kinetic sand, and the Mysterious Dome. Judging from Friday’s excitement, it’s fair to say that Science is foremost on multiple minds and many youngsters are already looking forward to the fifth annual fair which will be held in our rapidly-growing, purpose-built facility.

    Interested in watching the video from the night?  Follow the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jh-7HcbBLYM

    *written by David Stanton

  • Concern for Others

    14-Feb-18 | Jon Mudd

    Concern for Others is one of our seven Success Orientations.  At QSI International School of Haiphong, we believe that there is more to an education than just mathematics and reading.  Our school values both academics and social development.  We believe that the seven success orientations will lead our students to become successful and contributing members of their society, people that are kind, influential, to be trusted, and genuine.  Success Orientations are part of the success of QSI.

    This month, the students had three separate challenges that focused on Concern for Others.  For one week, they practiced showing concern for their peers and teachers within QSI.  The following week, we gave them a "concern for others scavenger hunt" where each student practiced showing concern to the Haiphong community and the people that they came in contact with outside of the school.  For the culminating challenge, the QSI HPH school community showed our concern by making a difference in the world - or at least the world of 6 kids.  Each class at QSI Haiphong sponsored a different child on the river.  These children are homeless children and we came together to make their TET holiday one to remember.  Each class put together a gift box of shoes, clothes, toiletries, books, school supplies, toys, and snacks for the children.  

    However, the best part by far, was delivering our concern in person.  12 students went to the river boat people and hand delivered their concern.  It was touching and memorable for everyone involved.  That's the real lesson.  To give is better to receive.  Concern for Others is a lesson that everyone should practice.

    Happy New Year from QSI International School of Haiphong.