President: Alyssa 

Secretary: Estelle 

Treasurer: Pinki

Committee Leaders - 

  Children's Day: ...

  Fall Carnival: Nita, Sun Hee, Elisa, Mili, Anggie

  International Fair: Different nationality leaders

  School Store: Mi Sun

  Teacher Appreciation Day: Jade

  Coffee Mornings: Ai

  Haiphong Living: Estelle

  Library Moms: Akiko

  After School Activities: Elisabetta, Dana

PSG Mission

The Parent Support Group (PSG) strives to stimulate interest in QSI Haiphong and support advancement of the school, its teachers, parents and students.

The three main benefactors of the PSG are the students, the staff, and the families.  In all the decisions that we make and the influence that we have, we try to support at least one of these three groups.  

Students: Of course our number one priority are the students - our own children!  Through the PSG, we want to provide opportunities for them that extend beyond the scope of the school's responsibility.  By creating experiences for our students, we are providing for them a richer life and a better chance to blossom here in Haiphong.

Some of the ways that we support the students are:

  1. After school activities - the parents plan to take leadership of the after school activities, finding support and programs in the community that can come to our school to give the students new experiences.
  2. Children's Day Celebration - this is a holiday that takes place in June.  The PSG leads and plans this day for the kids.
  3. Fall Carnival - in the fall, the PSG along with the school staff, throw a party!  Carnival games, dancing, food and fun!  Students and families get to know each other, friendships bloom and memories are made.
  4. International Fair - in the spring, the PSG, along with the school staff, come together to host a fair celebrating all the different countries represented at QSI.  This is a great chance for students to show-off their home countries and appreciate the countries of their friends.  
  5. School Store: the PSG helps to run and maintain and on-campus school store.  

School Staff: The staff at the school see our children during the day, more than we do!  It is important to the PSG that the staff feel our support, our love, and our respect.  We value them - the teachers, administrators, cleaners, cooks, security staff, office staff, and accountants.  

Some of the ways that we support the staff are:

  1. Teacher appreciation day
  2. Support during parent/teacher conferences

Families: Whether this is a families first move internationally, or they have been away from their home country for many years, there are always struggles.  We recognize that if the family unit feels supported, connected, and welcomed, that that feeling will trickle down into the school as well.  QSI International School of Haiphong is known for it's "family atmosphere" and welcoming feeling.  We hope to continue with this feeling of family, even as we grow bigger. 

Some of the ways that we support the families are:

  1. Mom's Coffee mornings at least once a month.  This is a great chance to get together, meet new moms that have joined QSI and share our secrets of living away from "home".
  2. PSG Welcome packet - this is a folder of useful information that the PSG has compiled about living in Haiphong, having a family here, where to shop, how to buy food, and much more.  Included are useful "taxi cards" that you can hand to the driver and be able to get to your destination without knowing how to speak Vietnamese!