CURRICULUM: The school follows an American college-preparatory curriculum including Advanced Placement classes.  In addition to its scholastic goals, the school emphasizes the foundational life skills (Success Orientations) of Trustworthiness, Responsibility, Concern for Others, Kindness and Politeness, Group Interaction, Aesthetic Appreciation, and Independent Endeavor.

GRADING SYSTEM: Mastery of each essential unit is evaluated with an “A” or “B” (mastery grades).  “B” represents mastery at a very good level, and “A” represents mastery with the student demonstrating noteworthy achievement, particularly in higher-order thinking skills.  An “A” grade is not given for more “B” level work.  Average, mediocre, or poor work, Cs, Ds, and Fs, is not accepted, as students are required to engage in an essential unit until they achieve mastery.  If a student has mastered a unit with a “B” evaluation, he/she may demonstrate a higher level of mastery at a later time, in that current school year, to change the evaluation to an “A”.  A time period (quarter, semester, or term) is not evaluated; student performance for the school year is assessed on each essential unit in which a student is engaged. A year long course is composed of 10 separate units.


Courses offered at QSI International School of El Tigre


Literature I & II

Writing I & II

American Literature

British Literature

Research Project

Media and Publications

Creative Writing/Genre Studies

Intensive English



Algebra I and II       


Advanced Mathematics I

Advanced Mathematics II                                     



Physical Science                                                 





Cultural Studies:                  

World Geography   

Modern World History

U.S. History

World Governments



Health& Physical Education:



Team Sports

Lifetime Sports



Spanish Language

Spanish Literature

Venezuelan Studies


Fine Arts:

Art I & II


Drama I & 2