Greetings from KIS Middle School!

At KIS MS, we have a shared vision: The Kyiv International School Middle School provides, in English, a supportive and challenging community for each of our students to achieve personal, physical, and academic excellence. Together we all succeed. The School strives to create a safe, supporting environment that fosters creativity, social action, and academic excellence. The Faculty dedicates itself to provide quality learning experiences, high personal education standards, and to meet student needs through advisory and advocacy. The Middle School Student is committed to meeting high academic and personal expectations, making every effort to honor the success orientations of KIS. The KIS Parent communicates, supports, reinforces and teaches alongside other members of the community.

The Middle School is where your eleven, twelve and thirteen year old students begin their transition into high school, continually sharpening skills and gaining knowledge and abilities that will help guarantee their success down the road. Teachers utilize Mastery Learning, making sure all students show mastery before moving on. Once again, this ensures a high rate of student success here at KIS! Students have the ability to gain high school credit at the middle level, depending on your student's ability level and academic successes in the past. All students begin the year eligible for sports and are open to a wide variety of activities.

As a parent of three students here at KIS, I can proudly say that parents are encouraged to become active members of our school community by participating in the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). We welcome parents to spend time at school, supervise students at lunch, or just stop in for lunch with your children and their friends. The KIS Middle School staff welcome your presence as we all work together to ensure the present and future success of all of our students.

You have made an excellent choice in KIS and QSI, and I look forward to celebrating a great school year!

Jeff Tempel

Middle School Academic Coordinator