Welcome to Kyiv International School!

Our purpose built facility, professional staff, and educational philosophy foster a holistic academic program that helps all students to be successful in a rapidly changing global society. We have a vibrant and active school community committed to quality education and providing a variety of learning opportunities and experiences in and out of the classroom.  

The school’s rigorous academic program combined with the mastery learning philosophy aims to build a solid foundation for all students preparing for the high standards of the best colleges and universities around the world. Our teachers work closely with students to promote a growth mindset towards learning and education. A large part of this is making sure students are placed at their optimal zone of development, while exploring and and analysing the vast amount of information in the world around them. Students are very involved in the learning process and higher-order thinking and reflection are central to curriculum and instruction. Throughout it all, students, teachers, administrators, and parents all work together to monitor student progress, growth, and placement. 

Equal to the importance of academic learning is the significance of character development and emotional intelligence. We seek to educate all students in leadership, service, responsibility, global competence, and integrity. This is embedded in the school’s success orientations and school culture. 

KIS also has a full schedule of extra-curricular activities in which students can be involved and promotes a healthy and balanced student life. These activities allow our students to be involved socially, build meaningful relationships, work as a team, experience leadership, serve the community, discuss solutions to global issues, and compete with a positive and sportsmanlike attitude with others. 

More than anything, we want our students to enjoy learning and coming to KIS. We want their educational experience to be a healthy and positive time in their lives that builds confidence, curiosity, and the capacity to succeed. It is easy to feel the difference at KIS, as soon as you walk through the school doors. We hope you get a sense of the wonderful things that are happening at the school while visiting this website.  You can also take a look at our photo gallery and Kozak Korner Newsletter to get a better idea.

Please feel free to contact the school with any questions you may have and know that you are always welcome to visit the school and see what makes KIS such a great place to be!


Mr. Luke Woodruff