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At Ashgabat International School we value International Education. That is, we value wide varieties of viewpoints and perspectives, ways of thinking and ways of being, and languages and cultures. We serve students of 21 different nationalities, with almost as many different languages spoken at home. Our goal is to ensure that each student receives an outstanding academic education while at AIS, and also experiences significant growth toward his or her role as a citizen of the world.

Quality Schools International (QSI), the organization to which AIS belongs, knows that every 5-year-old student comes to school eager to learn. It is our paramount duty to keep this urge to learn alive in every child who comes to our school. With the help of our talented teaching and administrative staff, we are meeting our goal one student at a time.

I believe in the mission and values of AIS and Quality Schools International so much that I have brought my own children to Ashgabat International School to learn and grow along with the families and children we serve. Enjoy our website, and please give us feedback to help us serve you better!


Mr. Patrick Doherty