Accreditation for Growth

Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools


What is accreditation? Why is it important?

  • Accreditation responds to the public’s demand for improved quality and greater accountability.
  • Accredited schools can be trusted to be what they claim to be and do what they claim to do.
  • Ensures parents and the community that the school meets certain standards.
  • Most colleges require students to graduate from an accredited high school.
  • Accredited schools are reviewed every few years to ensure they are maintaining the standards.

Accreditation Process: QSI Phuket was originally accredited by MSA in May, 2005 and was recertified in May, 2006. QSI Phuket had a mid-term evaluation during 2010–2011 and a final evaluation in the spring of 2014. The school has received full accreditation until 2021.

Accreditation for Growth protocol. Middle States has adopted 12 standards for each major area of school’s work and activity that must be met as a condition for accreditation. Along with these 12 standards are 2 objectives selected by QSI.

12 Standards:

  1.       Philosophy, Mission, Belief, and/or Objectives
  2.       Governance and Leadership
  3.       Organizational Design and Staff
  4.       Educational Programs
  5.       Learning Media Services and Technology
  6.       Student Services
  7.       Student Life and Student Activities
  8.       Facilities
  9.       Health and Safety
  10.       Finances
  11.       Assessment of Student Learning
  12.       Planning

School growth objectives...

Objective 1: Success Orientations

Objective 2: Reading 

Objective 3:  Environmental Stewardship