At QSI, all students have the opportunity to learn to speak, read and write in the Thai language.

QSI provides 2 levels of Thai class: Thai is taught as a second language or as an intensive class for native Thai students.

The Thai Culture and Language curriculum is designed to give introductory information about Thailand, its people, culture, history, and geography. Students gain a better understanding of the country in which they live and enjoy the special opportunity of studying in Thailand.

Students also participate in related activities and assemblies celebrating major Thai holidays (in the culture program).


Thai as a second language:

Students will:

  • be exposed to spoken Thai through classroom directions, songs, games and selected audiovisual materials
  • be introduced to classroom instructions and hold short conversations
  • be introduced to appropriate Thai etiquette
  • learn how to ask for permission to do something
  • learn how to apologize in different contexts
  • be introduced to Thai script symbols and the associated sounds
  • be introduced to writing simple Thai script
  • learn simple Thai songs and Thai children stories


Thai for native speakers:

Is specially designed for native Thai students.

QSI Thai language and culture classes are taught in accordance with the Thai Ministry of Education national curriculum framework and requirements for international schools in Thailand.

Thai speaking students study reading and writing appropriate to their grade level.

Thai culture is rich in tradition and ceremony at QSIP we participate in cultural events such as Songkran (Thai New Year and the worlds biggest Water Fight) Loy Krathong, Wai Kru as well as the practice and application of the beautiful art of Thai Dancing.