English Language Program

The Intensive English program is for students who are in need of special attention in verbal and written English, particularly those for whom English is not a first language.  Beginning English students will be considered for placement here.

The principal goal of Intensive English is to bring students to a level of academic English, including oral competency, which allows them to transfer to regular classes as rapidly as possible. Students of different ages, maturities, linguistic backgrounds, and previous exposure to English will progress at different rates. Students are assigned to the appropriate level to best meet individual needs.

     Special instruction is designed to bring elementary students to age-level equivalency in Reading and Language Arts, with the skills needed              experience success as they transfer into these "mainstream" classes.

     Students of secondary school age will enter the Secondary English courses when they have the skills to experience success. Students do not receive secondary credits for units mastered in Intensive English.

There is no additional cost to enroll in the Intensive English Program.