The QSI secondary program prepares students for colleges and universities in the United States and other countries.

This rigorous academic program consists of the disciplines of Mathematics, Laboratory Science (Biology, Physics, and Chemistry), World Cultural Studies and History, World Literature, English Writing and Grammar, Art, Music, Physical Education, and Computer Literacy.

QSI Phuket offers three diplomas: Academic with Honors, Academic, and General.


The Academic Diploma With Honors is the most advanced diploma offered by QSI International School of Phuket.

Advanced Placement courses offer the unique American experience—a rigorous academic opportunity to gain university credit while studying in secondary school.

Generally, students begin AP study in their Secondary III (11th grade) year, although many will begin in Secondary II or I. AP courses are single-year, intensive studies that give students a great deal of flexibility and mobility across the strong QSI secondary curriculum.

Students who pass the exam may be awarded college credits at American universities. AP courses are also recognized by many Australian and European universities.

Courses are offered by AP trained colleagues based upon student interest. In previous years QSI Phuket offered AP courses in Literature, History, and Calculus.

Requirements are the same as The Academic Diploma but with the added condition that accumulated credits include at least two Advanced Placement (AP) courses (ten credits each). A total of 240 QSI credits are required for this diploma.


The Academic Diploma: For students to graduate with an Academic Diploma, the minimum requirements are 24 Carnegie units or 240 QSI credits in the following areas of concentration: English 80 cr., Mathematics 30 cr., Science 30 cr., Cultural Studies 40 cr., Personal Health 25 cr., Languages 20 cr., Fine Arts 10 cr., Creative & Applied Arts (elective credits).


The General Diploma: is available to students who experience language difficulties, time restraints, or other problems that make it impractical to pursue a more advanced course of study. This diploma is designed for students requiring a sound secondary education to prepare for direct entry into the work force. The basic minimum requirements are 22 Carnegie units or 220 QSI credits: English 50 cr., Mathematics 20 cr., Science 20 cr., Cultural Studies 30 cr., Personal Health 25 cr., Languages 20 cr., Fine Arts 10 cr., Creative & Applied Arts (elective credits).