10 reasons why QSI is the school of your choice

  1. Our top qualified caring teachers:
    • The single-most significant factor in student success is the quality of the teachers with whom they work. We pride ourselves on hiring top qualified caring teachers and on our dedication to ongoing professional learning.
    • All QSI teachers are required to have college degrees and teaching licenses from fully accredited universities; many of our teachers have master’s degrees in education. Most of our teachers are long-term residents, showing the quality of teaching environment the school is providing.
  2. Our individual attention:
    • QSI has the best student-to-teacher ratio of international schools in Phuket. We strive to keep this at optimal levels—approximately 15 students per classroom.
  3. Our learning support program:
    • At QSI we commit ourselves to providing learning support for every student, including those with mild to moderate learning challenges and those of exceptionally high aptitude.
    • By providing these conditions, we are able to differentiate instruction so that every student’s academic and social needs are met. Also, by using this Mastery Learning approach, we can better ensure that our students learn at their own developmental level. If a student does not master the lesson, we provide more time, more resources, and additional instructional techniques until they do show mastery—we simply do not give up!
    • “Success for all” is our motto: we recognize every student for their character, as well as academics, through our instruction of success orientations.
    • We provide an intensive English instruction program: we believe that it is our job as educators to teach students what they need and that it is not ethical to charge extra for any learning need a student may have. (After-school activities may have an extra fee charged.)
  4. Our challenging and varied academic program: AP program & accreditation:
    • Our school follows an American curriculum and is accredited by the Middle State Association of Colleges and Schools. When your child receives a diploma from an accredited high school, he can be assured that it will be recognized by colleges and universities.
    • The Advanced Placement program allows secondary students to pursue coursework equivalent to some American college courses. Through such courses students can earn college credit and/or advanced placement in American universities and may even gain admission to many non-American universities. AP exams are increasingly recognized around the world.
  5. Our after-school learning and community service program:
    • The QSI TIGERS after school athletics program promotes cooperation, collaboration, fitness, personal responsibility, teamwork, school spirit, and a healthy sense of competition.
    • Our extensive after-school activities program for all students gives them chances to experience new skills, broadens their horizons, and gives their lives a new dimension.
    • At QSI International School of Phuket we view ourselves as a resource for the community. It is our duty to contribute to our local community and help in areas of need. Students are engaged during the school year in various community-service activities.
  6. Our internationalism:
    • At QSI, we take pride in celebrating our cultural diversity as well as the universal bonds that bring us together as a unified and international community.
    • The shared experiences of our students and staff make this a truly unique place.
    • QSI is a small school for students from many different nations, which brings a unique atmosphere to the school.
    • QSI is the only non-profit international school in Phuket, and the longest-established international school on in the island.
  7. Our warm and welcoming community:
    • We are a school with a family atmosphere. QSI students are amazingly friendly and helpful. QSI teachers and administrative staff are easily accessible to all parents and students. We provide prospective and new parents a list of helpful QSI contact parents to share experiences.
  8. Our location and improved facilities:
    • QSI lies in the heart of the beautiful island of Phuket, nestled in the jungle, in a quiet and safe environment. We help to arrange transportation service for most students that extends to many parts of the island.
  9. Our openness to the Thai culture:
    • Phuket and the nation of Thailand are used as real-life learning resources through extended learning experiences. We also provide learning experiences in the classroom through Thai language and culture lessons.
  10. Our tradition of governance and leadership:
    • Our Advisory Board structure is unique within the international schools of Phuket. The members are QSI parents or people of the Phuket community who commit to high standards of education and a tradition of strong relationship with the school’s leadership team. The Advisory Board has ensured continuous progress toward a shared vision and resilience in the face of challenges.
    • QSI Phuket is a member of the large family of QSI schools (37 schools in the world).