The resource teacher will provide guidance in the form of advice and during scheduled “college preparation class” about future careers and university/college selection to students from Secondary II upwards.

QSI has a number of aptitude questionnaires to help students find their way.

SAT test and PSAT test:

QSI is a Test Center for the SAT® tests.

Nearly every college in America accepts the SAT or SAT Subject Tests as a part of its admissions process. Many universities around the world also use SAT as part of the admissions process. That's why more than two million students take the SAT every year.

Every student from secondary II can take the PSAT (preliminary SAT test) in order to assess what subjects they will have to focus on to achieve better results at the final SAT exam. In addition, QSIp students attend a number of college fairs ouside of the school campus as well as having colleges visit our campus for presentations. Some of these colleges are: Webster University, Rangsit University, Thamasat University, Glion Hospitality University, University of Chicago, and Highline Community College.