The present facility, built in 1990 to house the Phuket International School, was sold to QSI in 2000.

The school has 14 classrooms, a library, computer lab, science lab, an art/music room, a photography and multimedia studio and a cafeteria. The site also includes a full-sized basketball court, a recently constructed state-of-the-art artificial grass sport field, a playground with a variety of equipment for elementary students, an office complex, and ample parking space. Additional classrooms and a large outdoor assembly area were added in 2008. Air conditioning, supplemented by fans, is installed in all elementary and secondary classrooms, the library, and the computer laboratory.

QSI phuket is continuously investing to improve the quality of teaching and learning for all students. 


❖ Library ❖

The school library has been relocated and renovated with new furniture. It is now divided into two rooms: the primary and the secondary libraries.



❖ Science Laboratory ❖

The science lab has the necessary equipment to conduct experiments in all science courses.



❖ Computer Room ❖

The modern computer room is equipped with 18 computers with Internet access, along with color and black and white printers, LCD projectors, and advanced software for various kinds of multimedia production. Software programs to support educational outcomes of all age groups are used to develop computer proficiency and to supplement the classroom curriculum.



❖ Playground ❖

The Elementary School playground consists of a new “Tiger turf” multipurpose soccer field surrounded by a 100-meter running track, a waterfall, a garden, and climbing bars.



❖ Playing Fields ❖

The sports field is now covered in artificial turf and can be used for a variety of sports activities. There is also an outdoor multipurpose basketball court.