Scholarship Policy

2016 - 2017


To encourage all student reach their apex and provide an opportunity for all students to enter our school, QSI Scholarships are generally granted based on need and not given as a blanket policy.   This gives us the flexibility to provide greater discounts if student need matches student performance. To achieve this, we thoroughly review student documents and the application provided by parents to make our determinations.

We also realize that circumstances of families change through out the year.  Therefore, we accept applications at any time of the year and expect parents to update us if they no longer need the scholarship so we can pass that opportunity along to another individual.


Below is the policy guidelines for QSI Phuket: 


  1. Scholarship applications are available to interested patrons for current and next school year.

  2. Students records must be provided and will be reviewed as part of the consideration process

  3. All scholarships will be awarded based on the need of each applicant family’s income level and ability to pay.  If the Advisory Board feels the need to require local income tax statements to prove family income, it may do so.

  4. If a family applies for a scholarship for more than one child, the oldest child will be considered for a scholarship first. 

  5. Only 5 year old students and older may be considered for a scholarship.

  6. Parents are expected to contribute to the school through other ways than fee payments.  They may commit support to the school’s Parent Support Group, MSA Planning Committee, or provide support to the school through contacts in the community or government.

  7. All awarded scholarships will be reviewed annually in order to determine if the student receiving the scholarship has kept up with his/her academic progress throughout the school year and that the student has demonstrated the seven (7) Success Orientations throughout the school year.  In addition, parents of scholarship recipients must volunteer in the school in a meaningful way.  This will be reviewed annually, as well.  Any student or parent who does not demonstrate compliance with this policy will risk not receiving a scholarship.

  8.  Announcements of awarded or denied scholarships will be made to each applicant family in writing on school letterhead in a timely fashion following the Advisory Board meeting during which the awards/denials were determined.