QSI Dushanbe Houses

House Logo                Falcon Logo

Saker Falcons (blue), Laggar Falcons (red), Lanner Falcons (yellow), and Gyr Falcons (green)

Like all QSI schools, Dushanbe takes pride in the growth of the whole student through the seven Success Orientations: Group Interaction, Responsibility, Independent Endeavor, Concern for Others, Kindness and Politeness, Aesthetic Appreciation, and Trustworthiness.

To better get the students involved, and excited, QSI Dushanbe has created a whole school event known as Houses. Every single student and adult who attends our school has been placed into one of four different Houses, mixing age levels from 2 year olds up through adults. Each member of the House is then able to earn House points based on showing behavior that represents one of the seven Success Orientations.

Houses also get together once a month to participate in activities. Some months, the Houses meet individually with their own House during House Gatherings. Other months the Houses all get together to compete in different activities that earn their House extra points.

The 2017-18 school year is the inaugural year that of the Houses program, and you can already see the positive effect it is having on the students. Students are excited when they earn House points, and look forward to see which House is leading in points week by week!