QSI Virtual School (QVS)

The primary purpose for QVS is to help smaller QSI schools that do not offer a full secondary education program to meet the needs of their students.  

QSI Dushanbe has offered several QVS courses during the 2017-2018 school year to meet the needs of their secondary students including Modern World History, US History, AP Psychology, AP Literature and Language, and World Economics and Government.  As the secondary student population grows, the need for virtual courses decreases. However, QVS allows QSI Dushanbe students to meet the academic requirements for graduation.

All QVS teachers are certified QSI educators employed at QSI Schools around the world.  There is an extensive list of courses offered via QVS. Please see their website.



Moodle is an educational platform that is used by staff and students throughout QSI worldwide.  The educational platform allows for online work and assignment completion as well as a communication tool for parents and students.