Our 5-11 Year Old Program

The purpose of QSI-Dushanbe elementary school program is to create self-confident students that can use what they have learned at school as a foundation on which to build successful lives. To this end, emphasis is placed on the traditional academic subjects of Literacy, mathematics, science and Cultural Studies taught by native English-speaking teachers.  

As QSI-Dushanbe is a fairly small school, it is easy to provide appropriate, differentiated instruction for all students with special Intensive English classes for our English language learners, to create an environment in which every student can be successful.

All students who do not have Intensive English lessons attend daily classes from the World Language department which offers French, German, Spanish or Russian. Each week students also participate in specialist classes: Art, Music, Physical Education, and Technology.  In addition, the elementary school offers activities in which students explore subjects as diverse as knitting, Earth Trek, or problem-solving through games - both real and virtual, for example. The school is also creating a Makerspace where students can tinker, invent, and create, to practice skills that will be important for them as contributors to their 21st century world.

Woven through all of these classes is an emphasis on the QSI Success Orientations, because we believe students will not be successful in the classroom or beyond without being empathetic to each other and ethical about the choices they make.