Dear QSI International School of Ljubljana Community,

Welcome to our wonderful school, here in the heart of Ljubljana. I am honored and excited to have the opportunity to serve as director for this amazing school!  It is a privilege to serve the students, parents, teachers and community members associated with our flagship school, and I look forward to working in partnership with each of you as we seek to build on the successes of this school on the path to excellence. 

One of the reasons I chose to join QSI is the commitment to Mastery Learning found in each of our schools. As you visit classrooms at our school here in Ljubljana, you will readily observe that our students are truly mastering the content.  This means that our students are given the appropriate time, resources, support and extension needed to master the curriculum. Teachers know the level of need of each student and ensure that instructional activities match with those levels and needs. As a result, students in our school demonstrate accelerated academic growth, with long-term, higher-level understanding of the content.

Another hallmark of QSI is the positive, safe, and supportive atmosphere fostered by our use of Success Orientations. Each classroom clearly supports the promotion of behaviors such as Kindness & Politeness, Responsibility, and Independent Endeavor. It is explicitly expected that all students, staff and members of our school demonstrate the use of Success Orientations throughout the school day. As a result, our students develop strong, positive characteristics and our school has a safe learning environment.

Our school’s employment of highly qualified teachers and commitment to optimal class size further enhances the program we offer for our students. Teachers in the school are not only skilled in the art of teaching, they also have a heart for students. Their belief in our students shows in the way they value our students in the classroom. Combined with skilled teaching techniques, this devotion to students further supports the success of each student.

Finally, thank you for being a positive, supportive and involved parent and school community member. By reinforcing the academic lessons and behaviors promoted in our school, you are furthering the positive growth and development of our students. Your positive partnership is key to the success of our school, and I thank you in advance for your commitment to being a school partner. You are welcome to stop by to check in at any time, and encouraged to establish times with your child’s teacher to volunteer in the classroom.

With QSI’s commitment to Mastery Learning and use of Success Orientations, our highly skilled, caring teachers look forward to working together with the positively involved parent and community member, to help our students continue to achieve great success and growth.


Aaron Harnden