Parent Support Group (PSG)


The Parent Support Group (PSG) is established to support the Head of School in providing activities and programmes that support the students and community members of QSI Bratislava.

The Parent Support Group (PSG) will assist with both formal and informal activities throughout the school year. Our goal is to organize interesting and fun events to strengthen the school community, encourage parent involvement and support new families in adjusting to life at QSI International School of Bratislava. We also intend to raise money for events and charities of priority to the school.


To achieve all this, we will rely on the help of volunteers from the parent community, so please contact us on email:


The PSG Committee's Members for the School Year 2019-2020




Oversees all PSG operations


Alena Barnasova 

Maintains all accounts

Vice President:

Jana Bacova

Supports president & steps in when president is unavailable

Recording Secretary:

Katarina Pisutova

Records all meeting minutes

QSI Staff Representative:

Mirka Blaho 

Communication Facilitator for Korean PSG:

Heajung Park


 Board Openings 2019-2020:


QSI/PSG Events 2019


QSI/PSG Events 2020


August 2019

23rd PSG Welcome Back Coffee Morning (9AM-10AM)

30th BEAR WEAR/School Colors

30th Popcorn Sale (1:00-3:00PM)

January 2020

10th PSG Meeting (9AM-10AM)

25th Wine and Cheese (6-9PM)

20th-24th Picture Week

31st BEAR WEAR/School Colors

31st Popcorn Sale (1:00-3:00PM)

September 2019

6th PSG Meeting (9AM-10AM)

14th Back to School Picnic (4-7PM)

28th Goose Dinner for Parents & Teachers (6-9PM)

27th BEAR WEAR/School Colors

27th Popcorn Sale (1:00-3:00PM)

February 2020

7th PSG Meeting (9AM-10AM)

12th Bake Sale (12AM-4PM)

28th BEAR WEAR/School Colors

28th Popcorn Sale (1:00-3:00PM)


October 2019

5th PSG Meeting (9AM-10AM)

15th Pumpkin Carving Competition

20th Fall Festival (5:00PM-7:00PM)

23th BEAR WEAR School Spirit Day/Popcorn Sale (1:00PM-3:00)

March 2019

1st PSG Meeting (9AM-10AM)

20th Bake Sale (1:00PM - 4:00PM)

29th BEAR WEAR School Spirit Day/Popcorn Sale (1:00PM-3:00PM)



November 2019

8th PSG Meeting (9AM-10AM)

29th Winter Bazaar (9AM-4:30PM)

IWCB Charity Christmas Bazaar

29th BEAR WEAR/School Colors

29th Popcorn Sale (1:00-3:00PM)


April 2020

3rd PSG Meeting (9AM-10AM)

4th International Brunch (11AM-2PM)

30th BEAR WEAR/School Colors

30th Popcorn Sale (1:00-3:00PM)


December 2019

6th PSG Meeting (9AM-10AM)

7th Pancakes With Santa (11AM-1PM)

13th BEAR WEAR/School Colors

13th Popcorn Sale (1:00-3:00PM)


May 2020

7th PSG Meeting (9AM-10AM)

28h Teachers Appreciation Day (11AM-2PM)

30th Music on the Green (4PM-8PM)

29th BEAR WEAR/School Colors

29th Popcorn Sale (1:00-3:00PM)


June 2020

5th PSG Meeting (9AM-10AM)

6th Graduation

18th BEAR WEAR/School Colors

18th Popcorn Sale (10:00AM-12:00PM)