Dear QSI International School of Bratislava Families & Friends,

Now that we are through the first three weeks of school, it's exciting to see how our international community has grown over the past year.  Please see the numbers:

August 2017:  138 students from 18 different nations
December 2017:  155 students from 22 different nations
January 2018:  170 students from 22 different nations
June 2018:  183 students from 23 different nations
August 2018:  222 students from 26 different nations
September 2018:  234 students from 28 different nations

More students means more programs, greater opportunities, and a richer diversity...thank you for choosing QSI International School of Bratislava for your child or children!

Have a great weekend,

Daniel Blaho, Director
QSI International School of Bratislava

                                        STUDENT LIFE                                    
                                        PRESCHOOL NEWS                                    
The 4-year-old class had so much fun getting to know each other.
It has been a joy watching all of them become friends.
The Hedgehogs have been busy exploring our first unit "My School and Me."
They were recognizing and comparing shapes as well as straight and curved lines,
discovering the five senses and identifying new letter names and sounds, such as S, A, T and I. 
                                        LOWER ELEMENTARY NEWS                                    
            The students in the 7-year-old Reading class have enjoyed two stories so far this year by Roald Dahl.  First, we listened to "The Magic Finger" and we loved that story.  We thought it was so funny and very interesting.  Now we are listening to Ms. K read "Esio Trot" to us, which is a super good story so far, and just today we found out what the title means.  If you haven't read any of Roald Dahl's books yet, we highly recommend them!  We can't wait to find out what will happen next, and see if our predictions for the story will come true!  Listening to stories orally helps us to create a picture of the story in our minds, and helps with listening comprehension, and as well shows us an example of clear and fluent reading.  And of course all the children look forward to finding out what will happen in the end!        
                                        UPPER ELEMENTARY NEWS                                    
            The 10YO class is exploring different types of maps and land-forms. We are actively learning how to use coordinates to find locations. We are also studying how the sun, water, land, and the tilt of the Earth influence the Earth's climates.        
                                        MIDDLE SCHOOL NEWS                                    

In Mr. Weber’s 12-year-old Writing, we class wrote personal narratives for a book compilation.  We were also put into pairs and small groups for Cultural Studies. In these pairs, we created posters and presentations on a subject from the history and culture of ancient China.  In Literature, we used stories about sharks to make story outlines.

                                        SECONDARY NEWS                                    

Welcome to the Treehouse

QSIB has converted the upstairs area of the Library Wing into a science learning center. We affectionately call it The Tree-house. We have outfitted outstanding classrooms and an integrated laboratory area. The laboratory area has running water and a fume hood, in addition to a complete suite of laboratory glassware, microscopes, balances, and chemical reagents for our experimental programs in biology, chemistry, and physics. This consolidated learning area will greatly enhance the quality of QSIB’s secondary science program.

                                        LOE - French                                    
            Hello everyone,
We are all excited to be back in school and we look forward to the year ahead!
This week at school, French students were very busy! They all took a placement test to determine their knowledge and progress in French.
Considering the many aspects of learning a Foreign Language, the students also selected and planned their own French Language Goals for the year, and decided what can they do to make sure that they are able to accomplish these goals.
We discussed where their skills/ confidence level is now and what they hope to achieve at the end of the school year.
They also completed a project about themselves.
Last but not the least, yes... French is hard but fun!:)
A bientôt,
Ms. Valérie        
                                        P.E. NEWS                                    
            Dear QSI Community,
Our school year has begun and we are excited to inform you about our activities in elementary physical education class. In our physical education program we implement activities that will develop effective movement, physical well being and appropriate social and behavior skills. We are developing fundamental skills like: body movement and locomotion as well as spatial awareness and manipulative skills. In our first unit, called team character building, we let students participate in games that emphasize teamwork, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking. Here are some games that QSI students enjoy the most: capture the flag, rock paper scissor in hoops, dodgeball, and relays. 
Best Regards, Mr. Slahor and Mr. Siska         
                                Registration to Goose Dinner                            
                                Registration to Marine Corps Ball                            
                                Registration to Trunk or Treat                            
                                        LUNCH PROGRAM                                    
                                More Information about Lunch Program                            
                                        BUS PROGRAM                                    
                                More Information about Bus Program                            
                                More Information about Activities                            
                                        QSIB CALENDARS                                    
Calendar 2018-2019
PSG Event Calendar
Monthly Calendar 2018-2019
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