Dear QSI International School of Bratislava Community,

As we head into October, there are a couple of important events to look forward to...our Fall Festival and Parent-Teacher Conferences!  

Fall Festival is a fascinating community event where we can have some fun, play some games, and enjoy all sorts of scary costumes.  While Parent-Teacher Conferences are not social in nature, they are integral to the QSI experience.  This is an critical opportunity for parents and teacher to connect, sharing experiences and ideas for greater academic progress for your children.
Please find more information about both of these events in this week's newsletter below.

Have a eventful and productive week,

Daniel Blaho, Director

QSI International School of Bratislava

The 4 Year old class is exploring our new unit "My Family and Friends."
The children were recognizing their family members as well as discussing similarities and differences among families. This week we have learnt the letter formation and letter sound E,e.  The Hedgehogs loved doing the Elephant Toothpaste Experiment.  We made a great eruption using hydrogen peroxide, yeast, soap, and food coloring! 
The students in the 7-year-old Reading and Writing class have been working hard on comparing and contrasting two different texts on the same topic.  The have read and discussed the two stories, "Diary of a Spider" and "Fly to the Rescue" and are currently working on Venn Diagrams to show how the stories are both alike and different.  Comparing and contrasting is a excellent way to show knowledge and comprehension of a story.  Well done, 7-year-olds!
The 10YO students have just finished reading the novel, Holes by Louis Sachar. "It's one of the best books I've read!" says, Tobi. Through this novel, the students have explored story structure, character development, themes, and many more elements of narrative fiction. We have also used the story to build our vocabulary with "juicy" words that we add each day to our Word Wall. The student's are already looking forward to our next novel. We love to read!
The 12YO class recently finished the first units for both Writing and Cultural Studies.  They had been studying ancient China and not only made presentations on different Chinese dynasties, but got to work with Chinese student Rachel Mou from the 12YO class on a play that was performed for all the elementary classes.  In Literature class we have been working on the details of nonfiction articles.  In Writing student have written personal narratives and autobiographies that were put into a class book that is kept in Mr. Weber's classroom on a shelf.  We had a popcorn party last Friday and watched the movie "Jumanji!"

IB students participated in a specialized learning dialogue called a Socratic Circle in Language & Literature class. The activity is based on the methods of Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher who believed “the answers to all human questions reside within us and that through disciplined conversation we can discover ultimate truth.” Seeking meaning within complex issues, students utilize a constructivist strategy, in which participants engage in a peer-to-peer conversation to collectively seek deeper understanding. Students listen actively, communicate positively, suspend judgment, explore diverse viewpoints, tolerate ambiguities, and expose their own underlying assumptions. They must approach someone who sees an issue differently not as an adversary to defeat in debate, but instead as a colleague in the common pursuit of broader perspective. They read “Nothingness,” a poem exploring the hypothetical concept of a total absence of language. Afterward, they reflected on how they interacted and on the ideas introduced. Although time-consuming and without “final” conclusions, it provides opportunities for learners to move away from recitation to discourse that highlights their own voices, and raises expectations for what they can achieve.

These are the primary objectives of the Socratic approach:

critical reading & thinking
discussion & listening skills
increased vocabulary
student ownership, voice, and empowerment
synthesis of curriculum knowledge and skills
foundation for curiosity & learning

Doing as the Romans Do

On Tuesday, Mr. King's AP World History students got some hands on experience in their study of the Roman Empire. The gang traveled to nearby archaeological museum, Carnuntum, in Austria. The settlement dates back as far at 7 CE as a Roman military outpost on the Danube boarder. Its location on the Amber Road brought wealth, and the city grew to a metropolis and is famed for having the only discovered gladiator school outside of Rome. The students learned tons about Roman life and Mr. King's tour even picked up a few tourists from Michigan who were excited to learn along with QSI. 
LOE - Intensive English
This week, the IE students have been learning about  writing a narrative essay which they read  in front of the class. The students are also learning about different parts of speech such as Verbs, Nouns, and Adjectives. 
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