Dear QSI International School of Bratislava Friends & Families,

I hope that you all can sense the flavor of fall in the air!  This Saturday, we enjoyed the best QSI Bratislava Annual Fall Festival to date...loads of fun and games, candy, cakes and laughter.  We loved seeing many of you there and meeting some of your friends who came along!

Also, please be reminded that next week, Thursday evening (25 October) and Friday morning/afternoon (26 October), we will have our Parent-Teacher conferences.  There is NO SCHOOL on Friday, 26 October, due to these important meetings.  

Have a great week and we're looking forward to seeing you again at Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Kind regards,

Daniel Blaho, Director

QSI International School of Bratislava

The 3yo classroom children have been learning about growing. 
They enjoyed listening to the "I'm growing" story and we talked about how babies grow into children and then adults (mom and dads) and finally into older adults (grandpas and grandmas).
They also enjoyed making a "how tall are we?" growth chart and the children loved counting how many ducks tall they are and discovered that some kids are 5 ducks tall and some are 4.5 ducks tall. Wow!
The 6 year old class has started a science unit on engineering and technology and have already begun problem solving. This week we looked at how we could prevent our earphones from becoming tangled in our pockets. The children will learn the steps involved in problem solving and create multiple solutions in case the first one doesn't work. Not only have students become super creative with their solutions, but they are learning how to work together as a group!
It's the simple things that make life at QSI so much fun! We have started Science in the 11 year old class and one of our first lessons was in the field of engineering. So why not build something out of nothing? The students found math flash cards and were instructed to build a bridge that would allow an object to go under.  They were also instructed to see how how high they could build the flash cards.  Amazing what kids can do with cards, imagination and team work.  Here are the winning teams of the card building and bridge building contest. The Excellent 11s are doing great things.

Analysis of Animal Farm in Secondary 1 Literature

Students of Secondary 1 Literature have begun reading Animal Farm by George Orwell. Students have examined the historical context and ideological influences integral to a deep understanding of Orwell’s satirical take on Soviet Russia. We reviewed the major events of the Russian Revolution of 1917, and the subsequent reign of Stalin to make connections to this highly symbolic work. The cast of characters is vast, and so students constructed a character chart. Students exercised their critical thinking skills by citing evidence from the text to support their impressions of the characters. In addition to the character chart, students analyzed the 7 Commandments of Animal Farm. They discussed the validity, fairness and practicality of the 7 Commandments, while creating a valuable visual aid for the classroom. We will refer to these charts throughout our exploration of Orwell’s masterpiece and look at how they metamorphize throughout the novel.
Geometry Students Think Logically
One of the main benefits of studying geometry is increasing the ability to think logically. Students study conditional statements, which are found everywhere. Many advertisements are written as hidden conditional statements. “If you visit DisneyLand, then your dreams come true.” “If your dreams come true, then you visit DisneyLand.” These statements are not equivalent. As the Logic unit project, geometry students found conditionals and analyzed the truth values of the different forms of the statement.
French II and French III students have finished the second unit and that's why we had some fun at the end of the class by playing their favorite French game "La famille."

This week they also presented their projects about folk costumes. It was very interesting to see all those beautiful clothes from countries all over the world. I showed them some French traditional costumes because we don't have any French students in these classes (I prefer Slovak and Croatian traditional clothes though :D).
Students are becoming more and more self-confident in speaking and I can say they would survive by themselves in France. Allons-y!
Halloween is here and before you know it, it will already be the holidays!!!
This is why our students are working hard, practicing again and again on singing, dancing, performing with instruments, composing and lyrical writing!!! They are using all of their talents with only one goal... to impress!!!
Hold your breath, the Winter concert is coming!!!
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