Dear QSI International School of Bratislava Community,

Thank you to the many parents who joined us at the Annual Goose Dinner on Saturday night.  What a feast of food, fun and friendship...thank you to the Parent Support Group (PSG) for organizing this fantastic evening!

Please enjoy another information filled newsletter below.

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Daniel Blaho, Director

QSI International School of Bratislava

Since the 3 YOs started school, we have started our first unit "My school and me."
They were busy identifying parts of their bodies as well as singing the "Head and Shoulders" song. 

They loved exploring their 5 senses by doing lots of fun activities such as:
-smelling and tasting containers with food to recognize the odors/tastes
-listening to animal sounds, looking for hidden toys on the playground
- pulling out mystery objects from the mystery box

This week the kids found it very amusing to dress up as their favorite movie characters and to go to school in pajamas.
Each week the 6 year olds test their new reading skills with the story of the week. Here they will learn new target words and use ones from previous weeks. They have many opportunities to practice this text as a class, with the teacher, and of course, with their friends!  Learning sight words can be fun!

The 9YOs love their "A-level Challenges" and this month's challenge in our Geography unit was to research information about sinkholes. The students collaborated on creating a great list of suggested questions that could guide their research at home  - ranging from how sinkholes are created to which continents have had the highest occurrence of sinkholes.

Alex Baca gave his presentation this week and really "set the bar" for what "A-level" really means for 9YOs at QSI. He created a poster board of pictures with handwritten information that he had researched as well as created a 3D Lego version of a house at the edge of a sinkhole. The students learned a lot of interesting facts and really enjoyed Alex’s presentation.

Who will be the next 9YO to take on the “A-level Challenge”??


We are up and going in the 11 year old class.  We have just completed our first unit in mathematics, next up: Introduction to Algebra.  We have engaged in Cultural Studies the past 4 weeks as we roll through Early Humankind- 5 million years ago to 5,000 BCE.  It is a huge time gap to learn about but the students have enjoyed learning about hunters and gatherers and early civilization and societies.  We have been busy in Literature and writing as well. We regularly write stories and learn about grammar and how to properly sequence a story chronologically.  Lastly, we have been reading a book in class together, The Alchemist, a young reader novel that contains some science fiction and fantasy along with some historical myths.  We are getting close to the end and the students have taken a liking to the wonderful writing and descriptive details. The year started slow but the kids are in full swing and doing fantastic.

The 13YO class has been studying plots, and subplots, in literary works as well as different types of conflict in literature. We think some of the most interesting types of conflict are character versus technology and character versus self. We have also been using this knowledge as we write a biographical essay to make our own stories more detailed and suspenseful with rising and falling action! 
Just look at these burgeoning IB biologists!  The newly inducted IB Year 1 Biology students are off to a fantastic start this year.   We are currently studying cellular biology, an essential topic for understanding the fundamental building blocks of all living things.  Here they are honing their microscopy skills by comparing a variety of fascinating cell types.   -Maggie Gibbs
                                        Art Attack by Erin Kenealy
QSI artists continue their studies of the Elements of Art and are showing off their skills with some amazing projects!
5YOs listened to the story "Lines That Wiggle" and have been making their own types of lines to create both drawings and sculptures!

8YOs are learning about Wassily Kandinsky and his music-based artworks. Using oil pastel, they are creating colourful circles that blend and show what different music might sound like. 

The Secondary Art I class has been very busy with both their sketchbooks and studio works! They have completed unique self-portrait collages using a variety of material and bold contour lines drawn on acetate.
Currently, they learning about American artist, Robert Longo, and his 'Men in Cities' series. This is the inspiration for their next artworks; figure drawing in charcoal!
LOE - Slovak

Slovak lessons have begun.

After the summer holidays, the children have started to review reading and writing in their mother language. During Spirit Week, the students came to school dressed as their favorite fairy tale characters. During the Slovak lessons, they read the texts describing these literary characters. Subsequently, they were writing simple sentences about why they like the heroes. It was nice and we had a lot of fun. 

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