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The 5YO Class has been bustling with activity all month!  We finalized our Family Unit with a student-centered bulletin board that allowed students to discuss and compare families within our classroom community.  In preparation for our most recent Math Assessment we used blocks to compare numbers, so that all students gained a firm grasp on greater and less than.  
Of course we couldn't have all work and no play, so we also got out the paper, glue and scissors to create unique pumpkins and very scary monsters for the PSG Fall Festival! 
8 year old students are learning wonderful new things. In Math, the students have been learning all about graphs and data. The students have used Tally Tables and transferred the data into Picture and Bar Graphs. In reading, we read a story titled Destiny's Gift about a little girl who raises money and awareness to save the local bookstore from closing. During writing time, the students worked on stories about 'Bravery'. Each student wrote about a time when they displayed bravery like Destiny did when she helped the bookstore. In Cultural Studies, the students have been busy learning about all different types of maps. The students have learned about Landform, Resource, Tourist and City Maps. Soon, the students will be making maps of their own. The maps will include using a compass rose, a map key and a scale. 

“Teach a parrot the terms “supply and demand’ and you’ve got an economist” said Thomas Carlyle. Well, we have learned about demand and now we are learning about supply.

In IB Economics Year 1 class, the students have been discussing the effects on a supplier in a market when a specific event changes the situation. For example, when a supplier of bicycles finds a lower cost for steel, the supplier is willing and able to supply more bicycles for the same cost. So, they can make more bicycles at the same price. This is one small part of preparing the students for the official IB Exam that is given in Year 2. All of the students unit tests are structured like the official IB Exams, so the students have several opportunities to practice for the real test.


Students in Advanced Mathematics I successfully completed their first unit with a project, where they had to demonstrate everything they learned about Linear Functions and Systems of Linear Equations/Inequalities by creating their own real-life examples. These were represented by systems of linear equations and inequalities, matching graphs and domains and ranges that satisfied their scenarios.  Currently, we are in the midst of the second unit, which is an in depth study of Quadratics, specifically the transformations of the parent function.


Students in Advanced Mathematics II closed their first unit with designing their own projects where they demonstrated the knowledge of all parent functions and their transformations.  From there we transitioned into Quadratic Functions, extending students’ knowledge from Advanced Math I and learned more advanced methods for factoring and used these to graph the function from all different forms.  They also used their knowledge of writing linear and non-linear equations to solve real-life problems. Currently, students are learning about function composition and they will be using it to prove whether or not functions are inverses of each other.


Students in Consumer Math have been focused on getting down to ‘business’!  They are in the midst of completing the second unit by creating their own business scenarios and solving their problems using knowledge of all their computational skills (unit one), as well as their knowledge of linear equations (unit two).  From there we will proceed into the study of percentages and their many uses in business.

Students in Physical Science have been working hard on developing their science skills and they clearly mastered this unit by designing their own investigations and executing them with a great deal of science, technology and social skills.  They learnt a lot from each other during their presentations and blew me away with the quality of their work!! Currently, students are studying the Properties of Matter and the States of Matter.

Students in Physics class have been mastering the concept of Motion in One and Two Dimensions.  Students performed vector operations to describe the relative motion in terms of displacement and velocity.  Currently, students are gaining knowledge of free body diagrams as a tool to analyze forces on moving objects. First and Second Newton’s law have been introduced and are going to be used to study the relationships between net force, mass and acceleration, as well as to discuss action-reaction pairs.  We will conduct lab activities where students will test Newton’s theories by accelerating small carts using different amounts of force and determining the resulting acceleration.
LOE - Spanish
In Spanish class, we make learning a fun an interactive activity. Following the gratification way of teaching (including games, songs, role-playing and interactive exercises in every unit) our classes are full of moments when students can enjoy themselves and learn at the same time. In all the Introductory classes we have covered greetings and introductions, numbers, colors and shapes . The Intermediate level is building grammar and vocabulary through daily routines. And IB students are working hard to combine independent self study with grammar support and speaking during classes.
During the PE classes our secondary students will use basic fitness principles to explore specific benefits of physical activity. The student will learn appropriate fitness techniques to exercise safely and reduce the risk of injury. Students are introduced to the basic fitness principles of overload, progression, and specificity, and students will apply the FITT Formula (frequency, intensity, time, and type) and the Physical Activity Pyramid to their own training. The student is introduced to fitness ratings and factors that contribute to fitness improvement and fitness goal setting. 
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