Dear QSI International School of Bratislava Community,

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to the annual musical Singin' in the Rain on Friday at 2:30pm and 6:30pm.  Dozens of children and loads of teachers have been led and inspired by Mr. Jared King, QSI's Coordinator of Performing Arts.  More information can be found in this newsletter...enjoy!

Kind regards,

Daniel Blaho, Director

QSI International School of Bratislava

Our 4-Year-Old children started a new unit - Giants. 
We read Nature's Giants and Jack and the Beanstalk and talked about the different types of giants (natural, animals, people, buildings). 
The Hedgehogs were also learning about nature's giants including volcanoes. 
During our Science time, we made a volcano erupt using baking soda and vinegar. 
The children enjoyed role-playing the actions in the song "The Giant's Grumble," especially when they got to create their individual versions of the grumble as well.  

Mrs. Miriam Ciripova & Ms. Nika Sablaturova
4-Year-Old Teachers
The children in the 7-year-old math class have been learning about using strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems.  We have learned a variety of different strategies to use to find the answer as quickly as possible.  Some strategies we like using are count on or back, using doubles to add or subtract, using 10, and looking for related facts.  By using these strategies, we are all becoming quicker and quicker at solving problems every day.  These posters help us remember a strategy in case we forget.  These strategies will also help as we move into adding two digit numbers next week.  Keep up the good work, sevens!

Mrs. Nicole Kubesova
7-Year-Old Teacher
The 10YO class is exploring early monotheistic religions. We are studying the beginnings of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  As part of our unit, the students are working in groups to create a visual representation of each of the religions. Not only will they will deepen their understanding of how the religions started and spread, but they will practice their group interaction skills. The students will also have the opportunity to visit the Jewish Cultural Museum as well as other important religious sites in Bratislava. The students are curious and engaged. It's exciting to see their knowledge grow!

Mrs. Jennifer Lundberg
10-Year-Old Class

In Literature, the twelve year old students have spent the last two weeks examining how different elements of literature can affect a story. This week they discussed the way different characters change in the short story Zebra by Chaim Potok and how individuals can heal from both internal and external injuries.

In writing class, students are learning to write persuasively by crafting and refining a persuasive essay. They have each chosen a topic that they feel strongly about and have outlined an argument for that topic. As the unit progresses, they will learn how to strengthen their arguments and their writing.

The twelve year old Cultural Studies class is finishing a study of the ancient Hebrew people. They are studying the major historical figures and various migrations that shaped the culture of the Hebrew people over time.

Ms. Elizabeth Scott
12-Year-Old Teacher
First-year IB students are completing their Language & Literature unit on Language Bias in the Media by conducting the first of several oral assessments required for the IB diploma.

Through the filter of language usage, the class has been studying gender expectations in society, and how/if these have shifted over time as seen in how various media portrays genders differently.They proceeded also to evaluate the effectiveness of gender bias in the manipulation of public mindset and consumer choice.

Using graphic & linguistics techniques, teams collaborated to develop advertising campaigns to promote a product in three different ways. Playing on established stereotypes, they first created graphic ads to appeal solely to women, explaining each design element (color, font, image, text, etc). Then, they crafted another ad that would draw in men to the same exact product. Finally, they planned, shot and edited video clips that attempted to eliminate all biases, broaden the appeal, and sell the same item to as many people as possible. Ironically, most found it more challenging (impossible in fact) to eliminate every single bias than is was to play up to the stereotypes.

The whole process culminated in formal presentations wherein they showcased their bodies of work, meticulously self-critiquing and providing detailed rationales for all their decisions. They went on to further analyze the role that such media have in perpetuating, or challenging, cultural beliefs, particularly those pertaining to gender expectations in society. 

Mr. Jeff Varney
Secondary Literature, English/IB Coordinator
After working hard on getting new vocabulary and understanding Spanish grammar, we are now going one step further and have started producing: Spanish II students created blog where they share with their peers all about themselves. Introductory Spanish is also working on a presentation about their favorite artists. Creating with role plays, written activities, tournaments of conjugations and -the favorite of students- improving their listening skills when trying to catch Spanish songs lyrics is part of the fun of learning.  

Mrs. Gabriela Ledesma
Spanish Teacher
Elementary & Secondary students unite in song and dance! 
In just one week, 70 students from 7 y/o to Secondary IV will present the fruits of much labor. Students have been working on singing, dancing, acting, set and prop design, and costuming for the annual school musical. This year we present Singin' in the Rain, based on the famous Hollywood musical of the same name, which tells the story of three friends transitioning from the era of silent movies to big musical films of the 1930s and '40s. It's a delight, and we're very excited to see our young creators and performers in action. Come see this great show next week on Friday. Performances are at 14:30 and 18:30 here at the MsKS Samorin Theater - Veterná 489/8, 931 01 Šamorín.

Mr. Jared King
Cultural Studies/Music/Coordinator of Performances
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