Dear QSI International School of Bratislava Community,

I am pleased to welcome all the QSI children back to school tomorrow--especially after an an inspirational Professional Development for our teachers.  More than 30 QSI Bratislava teachers, administrators and I met with over 100 other QSI educators from around the region.  We learned from experts in the field, reflected on the art of teaching and are now prepared to raise our game even higher!

Enjoy the latest edition of the weekly newsletter,

Daniel Blaho, Director

QSI International School of Bratislava

As Thanksgiving approaches, the two and three years old class has been learning all about the different ways that they can be thankful for their family and friends. This week, the children made special Thanksgiving Day turkeys. The children traced their hands for the shape of the turkey and used paint and colorful feathers to cover each finger.  The little ones were so pleased with their art projects and are very excited to have their turkeys displayed in the classroom!

Mrs. Madeleine Desauvage
3-Year-Old Teacher
The 6 year olds have learned a variety of strategies to help solve addition and subtraction number sentences.  They have explored doubles plus one, drawing pictures, and the count on strategies so far.  This week they learned how to use a ten frame to better solve addition sentences up to 20.  The kids have had a wonderful time using the math manipulatives in order to visually understand this complex concept.  They will be pros at solving even harder number sentences in no time!  

Mrs. Jeanne Baca
6-Year-Old Teacher
While the 9YOs have been journeying through the Chinese dynasties - they have also been doing a cross-curricular project with Ms. Erin, the Art teacher. She has been teaching them about the different types of clay modeling as well as the importance of creating carefully detailed sketches of the terracotta soldiers they will be making from clay.

Mrs. Elizabeth Pokorny
9-Year-Old Teacher 
It's been a busy month in the 11-year-old class!  We have been working "diligently on decimals"- it is our third essential unit and the obvious connections to money and shopping have made decimals desirable for all of the students.  We have been working on energy in science, kinetic and potential, and we have built numerous tools to allow the kids to see first hand how energy is stored and how it works.  They love getting into groups and discovering hidden talents that they never knew they had.  Lastly we have been engaged in poetry, all kinds of poetry!  But I think they had the most fun writing Haiku's, as there is a specific amount of syllables that make a poem a Haiku. The students have been engaged, enthusiastic, and energized.  They enjoy each other and are so kind to each other both in the class and on the playground.  Group Interaction is their best SO!

Mr. Kurt Lundberg
11-Year-Old Teacher
The 13YO class has been learning about characterization and point of view in literature. We have made a list of synonyms for commonly used characteristics in order to improve our vocabulary and writing. We also defined these words by creating a picture with definition to describe the word. We will also be reading Flowers for Algernon to improve upon characterization. Our current writing unit is focusing on cause and effect, and we are writing papers on the causes and effects of such topics including being a twin, family vacations, the Chernobyl disaster, global fear, service dogs helping patients with PTSD, racism in the women's suffrage movement, and sugar addictions.

Mrs. Shannon King
MS Mathematics, Literature & IB Math Studies/Health
Our Middle School Scientists are currently learning all about the Earth's atmosphere- air currents, wind, convection, fronts, and the composition of the atmosphere's many fascinating layers.  Today we built paper helicopters to observe how gravity and the air's mass allow them to soar through the air.  Next week we will host a paper airplane flying contest...Engineering is FUN!!!

Mrs. Maggie Gibbs
Biology & MS Science
The Intensive English Program has primarily been designed for those who want to study degree programs in English, but whose language skills are not at the desired proficiency level yet. During our classes, we are focusing on the development of the four key elements:
  • Grammar
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Writing
  • Speaking & Listening Skills
Being actively present, responsive and communicative plays a big role in advancing further. Learning new things, dealing with various topics, expressing yourself and shaping the young learners into motivated and curious minds are a few of the many outcomes of our courses. 

Mr. Branislav Korbel
Intensive English
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