Dear QSI International School of Bratislava Community,

Congratulations to our Varsity Boys Soccer team as they battle against QSI International School of Minsk (Belarus), International School of Krakow (Poland), and NOVA International School (Macedonia) in the annual CEESA (Central and Eastern European Schools Association) Soccer Tournament.  Tomorrow's championship game should be a great one....come on out to the X-Bionic Sphere for the 12:30pm start.

Please enjoy another great edition of our weekly newsletter and GO BEARS!

Kind regards,

Daniel Blaho, Director

QSI International School of Bratislava

 Assessments are fun in the 5YO Classroom!  This week we made Turkey 10 Frames to assess our knowledge of the number 10.  The students were able to show different sets of 10 on each feather and then say or write number sentences that corresponded with each feather.  This cross curricular activity connected with our Morning Calendar, which includes the traditional Thanksgiving holiday celebrated in the USA every November. 

In the 8 YO reading class, the students are learning how to spell new words. Some of the words have tricky spellings like ‘comb’ and ‘toast.’ The students are also learning the meanings of the new words and how to use them correctly in their story writing. The students practice spelling the words with many different activities. This week the students used clay, scrabble letters, and shaving cream. The shaving cream was their favorite! The students enjoyed writing their new words over and over again and then just ‘erasing’ them away. If you want to try this at home, just squirt some shaving cream on the table and let your child play. They can spell words or practice math problems or write their name in print or cursive. Eventually, the shaving cream will dry up and disappear with no mess. All of these activities are an easy way for your child to practice learning skills at home. Have fun!

Mrs. Phillips

            AP Fantasy Geopolitics: Season 2
AP Human Geography students finished their first season of Fantasy Geopolitics and are enthusiastically jumping on to Season 2. Fantasy Geopolitics is an online simulation game where students create a team of countries in hopes that they can score the most points with their team. The countries score points based on how many times they are mentioned in the New York Times, as well as earn extra points or loose points based on their country's International Goldstein Tone, which measures how countries interact with each other. Aggressive or negative interactions lose points and positive interactions gain extra points. Students must pay attention to world events and compete with each other to draft the best team of four countries, all from a different region of the world, and then follow how those countries do, trading countries with each other and dropping/picking up unclaimed countries. The AP Human Geography students have one season under their belts and are eager to do even better in Season 2 which ends just after the winter holiday.
At the beginning of the school year, each QSI Economic student is given $1000 USD to invest in the stock market. The students can chose any stocks that they want. They use their personal preferences and investigative skills to choose what stocks they think will gain the most profits. This year, the stocks ranged from Nike shoes to Apple Inc. to Campbell's soup. Throughout the year, the students go to the computer lab, with me, to create spreadsheets that will track their gains and losses in the stock market. It is important for the students to keep track of their stocks, in case they need or want to make changes. Sometimes, the students decide to sell their stocks and buy new ones that they think will perform better. The students learn why the stock market fluctuates so much, and they discover how tricky it can be to make a profit 'playing the stocks.' The students really enjoy tracking how their stocks are doing. At the end of the year, the students split the profits they have made with QSI, so the students have quite the incentive to choose wisely.
This month, 5 YO were focusing on understanding the difference between rhythm and beat as well as the difference between slow and fast tempo. Children were fully engaged in activities and games encouraging their listening skills. Our class had great fun preparing for the upcoming Winter Concert. We were working on learning new songs and learning choreography. In every lesson, children received a ,, Musical Key” as a reward for their behavior. I am really proud of my hard-working little students.
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