Dear QSI International School of Bratislava Community,

Even though it is a bit cloudy outside, it's all sunshine for the growing QSI Bratislava community these days.  We have accepted our 260th student as of today...a great increase from 222 which we welcomed on the first day of school last August!

As we near the end of this school year, I would like to remind you to pay particular attention to our School Calendar (  QSI Bratislava teachers are developing engaging lessons as all students are working diligently to complete the final academic units for the 2018-19 school year.  If you are planning any trips or activities, please do your best to schedule these outside of our school day/calendar.

Finally, please save the date--Saturday, 1 June--for the end-of-the-year picnic...our Music on the Green.  There will be lots of fun, food, and music!

Have a great week,

Daniel Blaho, Director

QSI International School of Bratislava

This week, we started a new unit entitled, "Things that Move". At the beginning of every unit, we like to expose the children to these new concepts by reading picture books. As an introduction, we read the book, Machines Around Your Home from our unit. As a follow-up activity to reinforce the children’s understanding of how things move, we did an experiment with the children. The title of the project was “Balloon Car” and it incorporated a lot of science and engineering. For this experiment, we prepared the materials (cardboard, plastic bottle cap wheels, straws, balloons, and tape). Once everything was ready, we worked one-on-one with the children helping them assemble the materials into their own car. The children had fun taping their balloons to a straw and attaching it to the body of the car (cardboard). They were amazed to see how the air escaping from the balloon made the car move from one end of the room to the other!

Mrs. Madeleine Desauvage
2 Year Old Teacher
With upcoming Spring Break we decided to make the last week before holiday special. We decorated eggs as symbol of spring. We made chicks using tissue paper, colorful papers and googly eyes. Children also traced their hands so that they could represent chick’s wings. Our frogs enjoyed an egg hunt too! They were looking for eggs that were hidden by "real bunny" in various places of our playground. 

Ms. Nika Sablaturova
3 Year Old Teacher
The 6 year olds have been learning how to make and read the different kinds of graphs, including picture and bar graphs.  We have done many interesting projects, such as polling our friends on their favorite animals, creating our own graphs in pairs, and walking outside to tally up items we see.  As part of our graphing experience, each 6 year old was given a small bag of m&ms, which they had to count, graph, and present to the class.  If they answered their questions correctly, they were then allowed to eat all of their candy!  YUM!

Mrs. Jeanne Baca
6 Year Old Teacher
The 8-year-olds are learning about force and motion in Science. The students have been exploring different ways objects move. They have been learning about force relationships and identifying patterns in motion. The students are deepening their understanding of balanced and unbalanced forces affecting the motion of an object, as well as discovering why patterns of motion change.  Here, the 8-year-olds are using small toy cars to explain how changing the position of the little car is related to motion. The students also learned about the relationship between speed, unbalanced forces and how to categorize different types of motion. The students also studied the aerodynamics of airplanes and how wind tunnels work. The 8-year-olds learned some new vocabulary words as well. The students enjoyed recalling previous knowledge and figuring out that in a ‘frame of reference picture’, you see how one object moves by comparing its position to an object that is still. The things in view that do not move are called a frame of reference.

Mrs. Bonnie Phillips
8 Year Old Teacher
The 9YOs have been reading many different biographies on a wide variety of famous people - including Anne Frank, the 15 year old Jewish girl who had kept a diary during her time hiding from the Nazis during World War II. As a nice conclusion to our biography unit, the 9YOs were invited to watch Mrs. King’s 13YO class perform the play, The Diary of Anne Frank. The play included two acts of five scenes each and with each performance, the 9YOs were truly engaged! They listened and watched intently as the students performed their roles as Anne, Mr. and Mrs. Frank and the many other supporting characters. Every day the 9YOs looked forward to watching the continuation of Anne Frank's story. Now, as we begin our Readers' Theater unit, this experience will really help the students remember to read their lines fluently, speak clearly toward the audience and use their voices to show emotions. Hopefully, the 9YOs will be able to perform a Readers' Theater play to Mrs. King's 13YO class soon!

Mrs. Elizabeth Pokorny
9 Year Old Teacher
The 13 Year Old Literature class has been performing the play "Diary of Anne Frank" based off the Broadway play. We have been working hard all week, as this is a long play, it took us 5 class periods to perform. We had the privilege of performing it in front of the 9YO class too! This play falls under our unit of theme and symbolism and we talked about the symbolism of the yellow stars, the menorah, the cat, the diary, and the overall theme that Anne presents in her diary that despite everything, people are good at heart. The performance was amazing, and we had fun doing it!

Mrs. Shannon King
MS & HS Math Teacher
AP Human Geography is studying resources, and just in time for Earth Week. Students played the Energy Game to see how everyday choices affect how much energy the average person uses and how that relates to available resources. 

Mr. Jared King
Cultural Studies/Music/Coordinator of Performances
Algebra 1 got a special treat this week when our Director of Instruction, Matt Yoder, taught a lesson to the class. In this lesson, students are learning a variety of techniques for factoring polynomials. In this picture, most of the class is working on one problem while a student tries it on the board and Mr. Yoder coaches her along.

Mr. Kelly Phillips
Algebra, Economics, and Cultural Studies

Over the last few days, Secondary II and III students finished a unit about Holidays, and they did research about accommodation in Paris. Then they did role plays where students worked in a Travel agency and helped their classmates to find accommodation in Paris.

Intermediate students talked about sports, inside and outside activities and revised telling time. They did interesting research about time in different cities of the world and presented it to the class.

Little French students learned about body parts and the 5 senses. They experienced some flavors. While learning about the smell they had to guess different things. The most difficult one was the sense of hearing. Who can hear the difference between a car and a motorcycle? They really enjoyed the 5 senses week!

Ms. Patricia Durcakova
French Teacher

The first week of April the German introductory I elementary students practiced forming opposites by using picture cards with adjectives. They could learn the new vocabulary by matching the cards by both the color and the opposite meaning of the words and they enjoyed the activity very much. After finding the right set, each of the students presented the opposites to the class and added a noun it can go with.

Mrs. Nikol Morochovicova
German Teacher
,,Jungle" is the theme for our upcoming  ECC Spring Concert. Prepare for a trip to the jungle where everyone sings, dances and has great fun! Our little ones are working hard on their performances. They practice singing, dancing and playing on the xylophones. Please join us for our ECC Spring ,,Jungle" Concert on May 22nd at 9:30 a.m. The concert will be held at the QSI Bratislava Atrium. See you there!

Ms. Nikoleta Jonasova
ECC Music Teacher
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