Dear QSI International School of Bratislava Community,

Things are heating up here at QSI--even when the weather is getting cooler!  We've got some big events to look forward to.  First off, thank you in advance to all of the Parent Support Group members who are putting together a certain-to-be tasty Staff Appreciation Lunch tomorrow.  

Secondly, good luck to our middle and secondary school Track & Field team as they prepare for the Danube Valley Athletic Conference Track & Field meet this Saturday at the X-bionic Sphere Oval...come on out and enjoy the beautiful surroundings while you support our running and jumping Bears!

Also, good luck to the middle school Girls' Volleyball team as they head across town to play in a tournament at BISB.

Finally, if you haven't yet saved the date, please do so now.  Our youngest singers, dancers, and musicians are ready to perform in their annual Early Childhood Center (ECC) Spring Concert on Wednesday, 22 May @ 9:30am right here in the QSI Atrium.  Then, on Friday, 24 May @ 10am the Elementary, Middle and Secondary School students will perform at their annual Spring Concert down the road at the Samorin Theater.

ALSO--before the Friday Spring Concert, we are hosting a Parents Tour of the NEW XBS Upper School Campus!  Come see the beautiful new spaces @ 9am on Friday, 24 May...then stay for the Spring Concert.

Busy, busy...but loads of great experiences!

Enjoy the rest of your week,

Daniel Blaho, Director

QSI International School of Bratislava

This week we started a new unit about animals. We read "The Great Race" and "The Day the Sheep Showed Up" and talked about which animals live on farms (pigs, cows, chickens, sheep, etc.). We then learned about the kinds of food we get from farm animals such as milk, eggs and meat. We also practiced making farm animal noises.

We continued our science unit about liquids and solids. We combined it with our farm animal unit by making "mud" out of corn-starch, water and cocoa powder to use with our small farm animals. The children had fun playing with the mud and animals. They discovered that when squeezing the mud, it turned into a solid but when holding it in their hands it dripped like a liquid.

Mrs. Madeleine Desauvage
2 Year Old Teacher
The Hedgehogs started a new unit called Stories and Rhymes. Over the next few weeks they will explore traditional as well as modern rhymes and stories. This week the children helped us collect materials to create Nursery Rhyme and Traditional Tale prop boxes. In each of the boxes we will be adding a copy of the rhyme or tale for our theme project Props. By the end of our unit, we will have a record of all the wonderful stories and rhymes that we have discovered. Our first traditional tale was "Goldilocks and the Three Bears".  After discussing which props we needed to reenact the story the children were ready to put on a play. 

Mrs. Miriam Ciripova
4 Year Old Teacher
In the 5YO Classroom students are learning how to identify and describe two-dimensional shapes. This week we used small, colored shapes to help us understand how triangles and squares can fit together to make rectangles, trapezoids and other geometric shapes. We are also discovering that many shapes have sides and vertices which make them very different from the curves on a circle or oval. Stay tuned because next week we will be investigating three-dimensional shapes and its going to get even more exciting! 

Ms. Joanie Conley
5 Year Old Teacher
The 7-year-old Cultural Studies class has been enjoying presentations that have been given by the students on their home countries. Each student has been given the essential outcomes for this unit, and they have had to create a presentation which includes all of the information about their respective countries. Some information that we have learned so far is where the countries are located on the map, holidays of the country compared to holidays from other countries, important sports and recreational activities, traditional musical instruments and musical styles, as well as a lot more!
The presentations have been given in many different ways, including PowerPoint presentation, short videos of music and dance, and beautiful posters. All of the presentation formats have included lots of interesting information!
We have also had the pleasure of enjoying some traditional food from some of the countries. We realized just how delicious trying new foods can be!
We still have more presentations to hear and we all look forward to learning more not only about our host country, Slovakia, but all the other countries that are represented by the children in the 7-year-old class.

Mrs. Nicole Kubesova
7 Year Old Teacher
Get ready for Chain Reactions! The 8-year-old students have been experimenting with balls, tracks, joiners, stoppers, and holders. They constructed ramps, seesaws, zip lines and elevators to learn how objects move. The students created a series of chain reactions to see how balls move through different types of contraptions. The students changed the variables to see how the structures would be affected and how differently the balls would move through it. The 8-year-olds learned that the steeper the ramp, the faster/harder the ball will roll. They also learned that adjusting the height of the top end of the ramp will make it steeper and that even a small incline will get a ball rolling. They learned that there are many different ways to make a ramp and that different combinations of planks and bases will get better results than other combinations. They also experimented with the stability of the structure. A long base will best support the main pole, while a shorter platform may tip over when the weight falls. The 8-year-olds had a great time experimenting with the Chain Reactions Kits!

Mrs. Bonnie Phillips
8 Year Old Class
The 10-year-old class has been working on poetry. The unit began with narrative poetry. The students learned to tell a story through their poems and also learned about poetic techniques such as imagery, figurative language, rhyme, and rhythm. The culminating event for this unit was the students presenting their poems at our Poetry Cafe. It was a wonderful event where our poems were shared with family and friends.

Mrs. Jennifer Lundberg
10 Year Old Class
Students in the twelve-year-old writing course are hard at work on their research and plagiarism units. Students are researching an artist and the specifics of that artist's style and contributions to the world of art. Their research will culminate in a four-page research paper and a short presentation of the research to their classmates. Later in the year they will use their research to create an original work of art in that artist's style during their art class.

Ms. Elizabeth Scott
12 Year Old Teacher
Secondary II Writing class is delving into a mode of expression that often gets short shrift in school: SPEECH. Admittedly, public speaking can be one of the most terrifying experiences in any person's life, regardless of age; however, the ability to stand in front of a crowd and engage, entertain, and lead is an invaluable asset to every individual. Therefore, this class has been engaging in exercises that help students learn techniques and develop positive attitudes toward such opportunities in the future. Each participant not only practices with breathing, enunciating, pausing, and gesturing, but puts those skills to use in both prepared and impromptu settings. That way, they also work on what to do when their pre-written material isn't working (or blows away in the wind!). Every learner comes to recognize his/her unique voice and personal comfort zone, then experiments with style to incorporate new habits, a practice that engenders increased confidence, warmth and overall effectiveness as a speaker. 

Mr. Jeff Varney
Secondary Literature, English/IB Coordinator
Students in Physical Science (13 YO) closed their “Energy” unit just before spring break by designing and building their own devices that convert one form of energy into another. They worked in small groups coming up with devices such as a ‘Smorler Oven’ that roasts marshmallows without a fire, a model of skyscraper that operates solely via solar panel and turbine energy, a 'Ukulele Strummer 3000’ that is played by an air pump, a model of a hydroelectric power plant, etc. The students had a lot of fun working on this project. They always shine during times when they can be creative.  

We are currently working on the “Mechanical Waves” unit, specifically sound waves. Students will create phones that they will be able to communicate through, and they will observe what conditions are necessary to receive clear sound. Following this, we will conclude the school year with a unit focused on “Electricity and Magnetism”.

Mrs. Diana Guyer
Secondary Mathematics & Physics Teacher & CAS coordinator
The IB 1 and 2 students have been reading various literature books for the past few months. One of the books was "Tri Gastanove kone" by Margita Figuli.  After reading the book, students discussed literally devices including theme, tone and different perspectives in the book. "Tri Gastanove kone", set in Slovakia, paints an interesting view of postwar Europe. An interesting feature of the book is the lyrical prose in which the author describes the beautiful Slovakian environment and culture.

Dr. Marta Vojtkova
Slovak Teacher
The secondary music class is getting creative with arrangements. The class is even utilizing the musical skills of students in the school who are not able to fit music class into their schedule to create unique arrangements and small ensembles. It's fun and rewarding to be able to encourage students to continue their musical studies in a different context or with a musical piece they wouldn't normally be inclined to practice. 

Mr. Jared King
Cultural Studies/Music/Coordinator of Performances
In the Algebra 1 class, the students are learning about factoring polynomials. The students learn to factor polynomials using several different techniques. They also learned to solve real world problems involving the factoring of polynomials. The students worked together in teams to solve a series of problems. They worked cooperatively, not competitively . The class was able to work through several real world problems and show application of the techniques learned throughout the unit. The class did a great job working together to factor the polynomials. 

Mr. Kelly Phillips
Algebra, Economics, and Cultural Studies
The secondary students have been introduced to cardiovascular fitness including its benefits, its assessments, and its FITT components. Moreover, the students are learning some basic cardiovascular physiology and exploring the differences between aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

Middle school and elementary students  have been participating in a variety of exercises and activities that help develop and maintain physical fitness such as the 1, 500m run or the 1, 000m run. 

Mr. Pavol Siska
PE Teacher
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