Dear QSI International School of Bratislava Families,

As we enjoy Reading Week at QSI Bratislava this week, we are also entering a busy time of the year that is full of achievements, landmarks, milestones, deadlines and events.  In order to help you with your planning, please allow me to highlight a few of the upcoming points in the calendar.

  • Deadline to Register for 3rd Term Elementary & MS/Secondary Activities:  Wednesday, 20 March @ 12:00pm (please see Ms. Nikoleta @ for more details)
  • Deadline to Register for 3rd Term Lunch:  March 27th  (please contact Ms. Mirka @ for more details)
  • Register to have a table for the Saturday, 6 April Annual International BrunchNOW   (please contact Ms. Mirka @ for more details)
  • Order School Student Photos:  March 27th  (please contact Ms. Mirka @ for more details)
  • Order School Yearbook:  March 27th  (please contact Ms. Mirka @ for more details)

Also, please note that we are taking the current 11yo - Secondary 3 students to the NEW Upper School Campus at the X-bionic Sphere Resort on Friday morning, 22 March.  The Upper School excitement is growing as fast as the student enrollment!

That's all for now...have a great week.

Kind regards,

Daniel Blaho, Director

QSI International School of Bratislava

The 4YO Hedgehogs are learning about construction terminology, machines, tools, and products. They are practicing the use of their imagination as they construct, build, and create things. During our science lesson this week, we spent some time building various bridges from different sets of materials. The children used legos, wooden blocks, marble tracks and different strengths of paper to build bridges. We tested their bridges' strength by the amount of marbles each bridge could hold. We experimented with ways to make their bridges stronger while using minimal  piers. 
They quickly discovered that the thicker paper they used on top of their piers, the more marbles the bridge would hold. 

Mrs. Miriam Ciripova
4 Year Old Teacher
The 7-year-old class is learning about Weathering and Erosion in Science.  To demonstrate this, we conducted a fun experiment.  First, everyone got one chocolate cookie on a napkin.  Then everyone got a straw.  We had to blow on the cookie for 1 minute.  We pretended that the cookie was like a rock, and the blowing through the straw was wind.  The blowing action "weathered" the rock.  
Next, we used a toothpick to break up the cookie for 1 minute.  The toothpick shows us how plants and animals can weather rocks.
Then we blew the crumbs that were made into a pile.  This shows us that the movement of the weathered, broken pieces from wind is EROSION!
Next we used eye droppers to slowly drop water onto the cookie for 1 minute.  We learned that the water is like the rain weathering the rock.  
Lastly, we finally got to eat the cookie, or what was left of it!

Mrs. Nicole Kubesova
7 Year Old Teacher
Students in 12 Year Old Literature and Writing are wrapping up units on poetry. They've read and written several different styles of poetry and looked closely at how poets use language to invoke images and emotions for their audience. Their final assignment asks them to describe themselves using only metaphors.

Pictured: Xixi working on metaphors for herself.
Pictured: Carolina and Francesca brainstorming words that might help create a specific tone for their poems.

Ms. Elizabeth Scott
12 Year Old Teacher
IB students in their second year are just about finished with all coursework. This week they are preparing to conduct their Individual Oral Commentary (IOC) in their English Language & Literature class. The IOC is a 10-minute audio recording of the student analyzing a piece of literature they have read at some point during the last 2 years. It can be a bit stressful because the students don't know exactly what the 30-40 lines of text will be. They just have to show up for their session, choose a sealed envelope and discover the passage that they must speak about; they get 20 minutes prep time and the recording begins. This year, they could encounter any excerpt from the play Hamlet (W. Shakespeare) or the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God (Z. Hurston), or a poem by Robert Frost. The IOC is a skill designed to measure not only each individual's familiarity with the specific authors and ability to critically analyze the text, but also their note-taking and impromptu speaking skills. The assessment counts for 13 percent of the composite IB score for the class. After this, they will focus solely on studying for final exams, which occur in May.

Mr. Jeff Varney
Secondary Literature, English/IB Coordinator

The amazing German IB and AP, students are discussing the topic Identities We and Others that focus on how we can help or support people who come to a new country. It’s awesome to work with students who like sharing their ideas with others. We always have an interactive discussion and we all enjoy the great atmosphere during our lessons.

Ms.Simona Kamodyova 
German Teacher

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