Dear QSI International School of Bratislava Community,

As we head into Spring, it's now time to begin planning and staffing for the 2019-20 school year.  We are proud to welcome several experienced teachers to our already talented faculty.  Exact placements will depend on student enrollment numbers to be determined in the coming months.

Elementary Teachers
Katelyn Alderson, Washington, USA (EISB)
Lindsey Murff, Texas, USA (QSI Almaty)
Morgan McNulty, New York, USA (Galileo)
Dea Boivin, Canada, (French Embassy)

MS/SEC Teachers
Russ Thompson, South Carolina, (QSI Ashgabat)--English & Cultural Studies
Andrew Gibson, UK, (CS Lewis)--English Literature & Writing
Renee King, Minnesota, USA--Secondary Music
Charles King, Minnesota, USA--Substitute Teacher/Counselor
Matej Kubes, Slovakia/Egypt, (former QSI Bratislava)--Computer & Technology

It is with great pleasure to announce that Ms. Elizabeth Pokorny (current 9yo teacher) will be assuming the new role of Learning Resource Coordinator for the European Region beginning in August 2019.  Much of Ms. Pokorny's time will be servicing QSI Bratislava children with special needs or challenging our gifted and talented children.  Ms. Pokorny will also service the children and families of other QSI schools in Europe. 

We also want to thank Ms. Joanie Conley (5yo teacher) for her service to our children and our community as she completes her contract with QSI this June.  Thank you, good luck, and keep in touch, Ms. Joanie!

That's all for now...have a great week!

Kind regards,

Daniel Blaho, Director

QSI International School of Bratislava

The last week was full of fun in the Frog's class. Children familiarized themselves with the unit Things That Move with a focus on travelling. We read a story Tali Drives His Car and explored what Tali packed in his back when he went for holiday. Our Little Frogs learnt what they should take when they are going on a journey by making a pretend list of things that they need to pack. They also enjoyed learning different modes of transportation.

Ms. Nika Sablaturova
3 Year Old Teacher
The 6 year olds have become little engineers over the last few months as they learn how to problem solve. They were given the task to create an object that could provide shade and keep them cool. Their creations were inspired by plant parts after they learned how different plants structures and shapes can help engineers create useful items. Together in teams, they designed some of the most creative inventions!

Mrs. Jeanne Baca
6 Year Old Teacher
The 9YOs just completed their science unit on Energy, and as their final project they were required to build a robot that showed the five forms of energy (light, mechanical, electrical, thermal, and sound). The entire project had three parts. For the first part of the assignment, the students needed to complete a planning sheet that showed what materials they would use and how they would integrate the five forms of energy into their robot. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Pokorny
9 Year Old Teacher
The IB Math Studies Standard Level Year 2, students are putting the finishing touches on their Internal Assessment papers. They have put a lot of work into gathering their data and completing math processes to show different points of statistical analysis. The topics include: "Are snack bars really as healthy as we are led to believe?" and "the impact of the split of Czechoslovakia on the national budget and annual salary" and "correlation between online and in-store prices of grocery items". We are finishing up our last chapter and then will be spending much time reviewing for the upcoming final exams!

Mrs. Shannon King
MS & HS Math Teacher
Here are our amazing IB Biology Year 2 students making models of a VERY IMPORTANT biological molecule... Can you guess what it is?  Hint #1 )  It contains all of the genetic information about an organism.  Hint #2)  It provides the information cells need to make proteins.  Hint #3)  If something in it's specific and unique "code" changes, we call that a mutation.  Do you know what it is now???  The answer is Deoxyribonucleic acid (a.k.a. DNA!)  We are currently learning about DNA replication, transcription, translation and protein synthesis- some VERY complicated processes!   The models help us visualize the DNA and RNA molecules and all of the amazing feats they can do.  

Ms. Maggie Gibbs
Biology Teacher
This week at school, the Native French students practiced exercises on paronyms to enrich our vocabulary.
French AB intro year 1 students studied how to talk about the weather and then made a video to present the weather forecast.
French I students worked on adjectives, description, and agreement between adjectives and nouns and then did a project.
French II students studied a poem ‘Dejeuner du matin’ from Jacques Prevert to strengthen the use of ‘passé compose” and then wrote their own poem.

Ms. Valerie Chauvey
French Teacher
Our IB Visual Artists have been working diligently on their Art Movement studies (Yr1) and final Exhibition preparation (Yr2). Guest artist, Dr. Elena Jurankova, came in a for two workshops on acrylic pouring techniques, where students used different tools and materials to create beautiful works! Year 1s have been researching Abstract Expressionism, comparing different artists from the movement and several methods, including action painting and color field. They begin their own canvases this week, applying their knowledge and skills to create a personally relevant, large-scale abstract composition. Looking forward to see what this creative class will produce!

Mrs. Erin Kenealy
Art Teacher
It's that time of year again when the weather starts getting warmer and you have that itch to do some Spring Cleaning, both in the home and the classroom! Let the Art department help you out!!

We are looking for your unwanted clutter and junk - Do you have unused toys? Broken instruments? Unusable bicycle parts? Old or stained clothing? Defunct electronics? Don't just throw them out - donate to the Art Department! You may call it trash, but we consider it treasure! 

This year we are specifically looking for broken toys, plastic items, old bikes/equipment, etc. We will use these items for many projects and your donations support our students' wild imaginations and creativity.  

Mrs. Erin Kenealy
Art Teacher
Every day that Lego Club meets, the kids have three options: They can build whatever they want in the "Free Build Corner," follow the directions to build a Lego kit, or they can use our beautiful new Legos to follow the challenge set up by the teacher. This week on Tuesday, they were challenged to make a self-portrait out of Legos, and on Thursday they did a great job building models of animals. 
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