Dear QSI International School of Bratislava Community,

Wow, what a couple of weeks...loads of last-minute learning, educational trips--both locally and internationally--and enough memories to last a lifetime. Thank you to all of the teachers who have worked tirelessly to help your students reach great heights.

Now, as we enter the 36th and final week of the school year, we also want to thank you, the parents, for giving QSI International School of Bratislava the opportunity to educate your children.

Also, a couple of staffing announcements for 2019-20...we are proud to welcome many new teachers to QSI Bratislava; but, also, some of returning teachers are moving to new positions for next year.  Specifically, Ms. Lundberg will be moving up with her current students to teach 11-year-olds; while Mr. Lundberg will be moving to the new Upper School XBS Campus to teach PE and Cultural Studies.  

Finally, my family and I--and much of the QSI staff--will be here all summer; so if you need anything from us, please let us know.

Have a great weekend and an even better summer break,

PS:  Remember, Thursday, 20 June is the last day of school with an EARLY dismissal for all students at 12pm. Buses will running for all bus riders.

Daniel Blaho, Director

QSI International School of Bratislava

We are still learning about animals. This week we have been learning about zoo animals and read the book "Curious George Visits the Zoo." The children learned that the zoo is a place where people can see all kinds of animals, big and small. These animals include:
Lions, Monkeys, Giraffes, Bears, Elephants, Birds and more.
In math, we made patterns with green, red and brown squares. The children also looked for patterns in animal furs, feathers, and scales.

Mrs. Madeleine Desauvage
2 Year Old Teacher
This week was a bit different in the ECC. The Ducks, Frogs, Hedgehogs and 5YO class celebrated the traditional Nursery Rhyme Olympics. Each classroom prepared different obstacles for the others. The 11 year old class was also involved! They supported the younger students and created a real Olympic atmosphere during the whole event. All of the obstacles were based on nursery rhymes. Children became ants from the rhyme “The Ants Go Marching” and Jack from the rhyme “Jack Be Nimble”. During the “Closing Ceremony” each child was awarded with multiple medals. They really enjoyed the whole day.

Ms. Nika Sablaturova
3 Year Old Teacher
The 4-year-old Hedgehogs have been immersed in the world of animals. Farm animals, zoo animals, and all kinds of creepy crawlies in the last couple of weeks. They have been learning about how animals look, their habits, and their needs. 
This week the children had the chance to see some animals at Malkia Park. During our field trip, the ECC children were able to observe a number of animals up close. They were able to make the connection between the animals they had learned about with the live ones they saw. They had fun identifying the animals by their names. After a well-spent morning at Malkia Park, we returned to school with a lot of happy memories.

Mrs. Miriam Ciripova
4 Year Old Teacher
This month in the 5YO Classroom students are exploring 3 Dimensional Shapes. Students are not only learning how to identify and compare 3D shapes to 2D shapes, but also to name the faces, vertices and edges of each one. Today we made our own cubes so that we could better understand how to count the vertices and sides as well as having some fun stacking them afterwards!

Ms. Joanie Conley
5 Year Old Teacher
Throughout the year, many of the 6 year olds have gone from not being able to read a book, to reading independently. They have all worked so hard at learning the literary strategies and different ways to decode new words. These include things such as looking at the pictures, skipping it, sounding it out, asking a friend, and finding smaller, more familiar words embedded in the word.  One of the most fun ways to learn to read is to partner with a friend. Because each child has different strengths, they can help each other figure out new words and improve fluency.  The 6 year olds do this quite often, which has proven to be a success as all of these little ones can now read!  Plus, it is such a great way to build relationships!  

Mrs. Jeanne Baca
6 Year Old Teacher
The children in the 7-year-old Reading and Writing classes have been diligently working on a Reader's Theater retelling of Aesop's Fables for one of our final outcomes of the year.  Through this performance, we have learned about role-playing different characters using different voices, expressing ideas and emotions that not only use our voice, but our body language as well.  The children have participated in a variety of activities including creative play, storytelling, pantomime, and improvisation.
As a culmination of all these activities, we will be presenting Aesop's Fables to an audience of the 6-year-old class, as well as some teachers and administrators at school.  The children have been working hard to not only memorize their lines, but to really become their character through body language, and their voice.  Three cheers to a job well done for the 7-year-old class!

Mrs. Nicole Kubesova
7 Year Old Teacher
Time for some brain breaks! Brain breaks are short periods of movement that boost students motivation and help to improve their mood. Short brain breaks throughout the school day also help students to increase their productivity and it improves their social skills. Any type of movement helps to promote physical fitness and in turn that boosts brain health. The 8 year old class have enjoyed learning some new dance moves during morning recess. Some of the students have been practicing a dance routine to the song, “Best Day of my Life” and they performed it at the Success Orientation assembly in May. The whole school enjoyed watching the 8 year old dancers and the dancers were very proud of their accomplishment.

Mrs. Bonnie Phillips
8 Year Old Teacher
On Friday, May 7th, the QSI Atrium was brimming with visitors to the 9YO Living Museum ready to see some amazing characters in history come to life! In a human timeline, the cast of characters from ancient history to the present day included: Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Daniel Boone, Charles Darwin, Queen Victoria, Ulysses S. Grant, Amelia Earhart, Helen Keller, Rosa Parks, John F. Kennedy, Anne Frank, Yayoi Kasama, Jane Goodall and J.K. Rowling. Each student chose their own character after reading several different biographies and began researching their character more in-depth. It took three months to prepare the 9YOs for what culminated into an amazing showcase featuring their research and performance skills. They all did an amazing job! A special thank you to Ms. Erin for all of the time she spent guiding the students on their poster work and buttons during her Art classes and for Ms. Debbie, Mrs. Jana Baca and Ms. Sofia for their help decorating the Atrium and taking pictures on the day of the showcase. Lastly, thank you to all of the 9YO parents for all of your support and encouragement at home! 

Mrs. Elizabeth Pokorny
9 Year Old Class
For the 10YO's last science unit, the students have been studying technology and engineering. They have been practicing the engineering and design process through activities like redesigning the front entrance of the school and the cafeteria line to be more efficient. They also constructed various objects. All of these projects require planning, defining criteria and constrains, and teamwork. It has been a great learning experience.

Mrs. Jennifer Lundberg
10 Year Old Teacher
Well it's almost the end of the year and what an exceptional year it has been! The students have learned to work together, as a team and in small groups. They have become much more engaged in their conversations and writing. They have each grown in their own special way. On Monday our entire class had the opportunity to guide and help the ECC children in the annual Nursery Rhyme Olympics. They showed true leadership and trustworthiness as they guided the small children through each event. It was a magical time. My students were honored to help and it showed! Next up is Week Without Walls in Tirol, Austria!

Mr. Kurt Lundberg
11 Year Old Teacher
The Twelve Year Old Literature class wrapped up the school year with some Drama on the Green. The students adapted a folk tale (Brer Possum and Brer Snake), a Myth (Echo and Narcissus), and a Legend (Sir Gawain and the Green Knight) into short plays to put on for students in the seven, eight, and nine year old classes. They constructed costumes and props, rehearsed their lines, and when it came time to perform this week, the cool of the shade under the trees was a lovely stage for the performance.

Ms. Elizabeth Scott
12 Year Old Teacher
Here we see thirteen year old Hans utilizing technology to collaborate with peers on a presentation. These presentations demonstrate that students are able to evaluate the lasting effects of the Slave Trade, often referred to as the Triangle Trade. This unit teaches important lessons about colonization and imperialism as well as bringing to light that those long gone days are still affecting today’s culture. The students are also learning how to use technology appropriately, give more effective presentations, and cooperate among themselves to accomplish work faster and to a higher level of quality. The thirteens have matured a great deal this year and they are showing all the signs of making a great Secondary One Class. Way to go thirteens!

Mr. Kelly Phillips
Algebra, Economics, and Cultural Studies
Is QSIB now offering a course in wood shop? Although this photo may suggest so, it's not true! These are our Secondary 3 IB Biology students constructing quadrats for an ecology field investigation. "What's that?" you ask. Well, the study of ecology relies upon sampling data from ecosystems. One way to determine if one species is reliant on another, or to determine the ecological health of an ecosystem is to count the number of organisms in a given area. Using quadrats is one way of making sure the data is collected systematically, thus ensuring the outcome of the investigation is scientifically sound. Who knew 4 pieces of wood and some duct tape had so much to do with ecology??!! 

Ms. Maggie Gibbs
Biology & MS Science
This week at school French I and French II students were learning a very popular French song you have probably heard, ‘Aux champs Elysées’.
The students first received the lyrics with missing words that they had to figure out while listening to the song.
Then we studied the vocabulary and practiced the song.
Our class performed the song in front of the other students at the School Assembly held on Thursday.

Ms. Valerie Chauvey
French Teacher
The 7YO students are revising vocabulary related to the topics – Family, Our Classroom and My Room. These young students learn new vocabulary items almost every lesson and have an amazing memory. They can already form basic sentences and answer questions like ‘How are you? What’s your name? Do you have any siblings? Where are you from? What’s your favorite book/ toy/ game?’. We are not only learning through repeating new words, but also by singing songs and enjoying the positive atmosphere.

Ms. Simona Kamodyova
German Teacher
As the end of the school year is fast approaching, our little Slovak Language students have been working very hard. We felt they deserved to be praised for their effort so on Friday the 31st of May we celebrated MDD (International Children`s Day) outside in the playground. On Wednesday the 5th of June we went to the Puppet Theater in Bratislava to see 'Popolvar' with our 5 and 6 year olds. The children were excited to see who will save the princess. There were many funny moments when the children could not stop laughing. As we had anticipated, good always wins and this is exactly what happened! They behaved very well in the theater and they are looking forward to going there again.

Ms. Jana Rehorovska
Slovak teacher
Practice makes perfect, or as Mr. King says, practice makes permanent. But what about practicing effectively as a team? The Secondary Music class had a special workshop on group practice from some local musicians on Monday. The group got to experience how to practice what you want and how to work together for this month's Success Orientation, Group Interaction. The band showed how they effectively work together and make their practice time worthwhile, and how to not make those mistakes permanent and the music a little more perfect. Then, the students broke into smaller groups to work with individual musicians.  

Mr. Jared King
Music Teacher
5YO Music class was fully focused on practicing songs for the Spring "Jungle" Concert. Indeed, it was great show. The 5's took their performance to another level. They sang, danced and played on xylophones. They proved their skills in performing as well as playing a musical instrument. Our little ones did a great job showing their parents what they learned over the past few months. I can't be more proud of them :) Thank you for joining us that day.

Ms. Nikoleta Jonasova
Music Teacher
Over the last two weeks, the secondary students were finishing their individual wellness plans and we were able to take them
to the X Bionic Sphere where students were able to test their cardiovascular abilities by swimming in the 50 m long
pool and also playing sports like beach volleyball. 
Our students very much enjoyed the last unit, as you can see in the pictures.

Mr. Stanislav Slahor
PE Teacher
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