Dear QSI International School of Bratislava Community,

I am pleased to see that over 120 parents, teachers and friends have rsvp'd for tomorrow evening's Wine & Cheese event at the newly proposed Upper School Campus on the X-bionic Sphere complex...this is sure to be an amazing evening!

Also, please note that we've got a slew of sports teams competing this weekend with the Middle School and Secondary School boys' basketball teams traveling to Budapest for games.  The Middle School and Secondary girls' basketball team is headed to Vienna for their competition, while the Middle/Secondary boys & girls swimmers are hosting a huge swim meet here at the X-bionic Sphere.   Loads of action...Go Bears!

Finally, please note that we have our mid-year Student-involved Parent-Teacher Conferences slated for Friday, 15 February.  There will be no school that day (and the following week).  The Registration link will be sent out shortly.

Please continue to share your ideas, opinions and suggestions...your input is valued and appreciated!

Kind regards,

Daniel Blaho, Director

QSI International School of Bratislava

The 4YO  children have been learning about changes. Specifically, we focused on Changes Around Them. 
We discussed how changes in weather occur over seasons and made puzzles that help children recognize that seasons occur in a pattern.
By putting suitable clothes on a teddy bear, they had the chance to put their knowledge into practice. 
They dressed the teddy bear depending on the season, which helped them to identify characteristics of the different seasons. 
Nika Šablatúrová
4 Year Old Teacher
The 7-year-old Reading and Writing class has been learning about Persuasive Writing this past week.  They have been identifying the characteristics of good opinion and persuasive paragraphs, as well as looking at different viewpoints persuasive writing can be written from.  To expand our learning, we have taken on a real life experience, and decided to write our own persuasive letters to Mr. Blaho.  Working in pairs, the children had to come up with a topic that they feel strongly about, and write the topic sentence as well as supporting details that will persuade Mr. Blaho to agree with them.  Currently, we are in the writing process stage, but plan to send our letters to Mr. Blaho when we finish them.  Some topics are: having more holidays, an ice cream party every Friday, more assemblies, and more popcorn, just to name a few.  We can't wait to find out if we have really persuaded Mr. Blaho or not!

Nicole Kubešová
7 Year Old Teacher
In math, the 10YO class is working hard with adding and subtracting fractions. This can be a challenging skill because it requires multiple operations and multiple steps. Today we practiced with solving problems on our whiteboards. This is a great way to informally assess where students are in their progress toward understanding concepts. And the students love to write on white boards!

Jennifer Lundberg
10 Year Old Teacher
During a recent writing activity in the twelve-year-old writing course, students had to work together to determine how they would survive on a deserted island with only a small collection of random objects. The students had many creative ideas like using string to lasso a camel for milk, turning the veil into a fishing net, or creating an ax with the packing tape, a stone, and a stick. 

Elizabeth Scott
12 Year Old Teacher
            As Sec IV International Baccalaureate students are preparing for their senior spring, a big topic on their minds is the approach of the IB final examinations in May. These are a series of high-stakes tests that require intense practice and review because they are cumulative assessments of two full years of study in each course, which typically count for 50 percent (or more) of their overall scores.

Teachers certainly use the class time to set the kids up for success, but nothing can fully depict the experience like actually going through it. So, QSIB arranges each year to provide a full round of practice exams (or "MOCKS") in all subjects to simulate the pace and feel of the 3-week process that awaits the candidates. This undertaking not only helps them understand the format and scope of it all, but also enables them to recognize any gaps in their knowledge or skills; they can then focus with their teachers on targeted studying prior to the real deal.

However, since we do not have to provide for subjects not taught on our campus, we are able to consolidate the schedule into an intense 8 days of typically 10-14 exams (depending on each student's courses). With mocks under their belts, all classes resume to discuss the results, conclude any assignments, and finish out all the units in the remaining 4 months (yes, it is that close!) until graduation. 

Jeff Varney
Secondary Literature, English/IB Coordinator

During these days we were talking about alimentation, shopping and healthy lifestyle with French II and French III students. They were writing essays about their eating habits and compared it with French habits. Because of their hard work students deserved a little bit of fun so we decided to make '' soirée crêpes´´ in the classroom.  While preparing the dough students were writing the recipe on the board and practiced learned vocabulary in real life. Pancakes were very tasty and Italian cream made by one Italian student was delicious! Students enjoyed it and they can't wait for discovering other typical French meals.

With younger students we tried new way of learning and practicing ´´ stations. ´´ There were four stations in the classroom and on each station, they had different activity to do. Last one, my favorite, was speaking with me. Students were very active and engaged.

Patricia Durcakova
French Tacher

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