Dear QSI International School of Bratislava Friends & Families,

It is an extremely exciting time for our growing school community.  Due to increased enrollment (we're up to 245 students from 30+ nationalities, after welcoming new students from Spain, Iran, Sweden, Egypt, South Korea and Slovakia!), QSI Headquarters has approved plans to EXPAND to the X-bionic Sphere complex, beginning THIS summer!  

Our new and beautiful building here in Samorin will serve the Early Childhood Center (ages 2 - 4) and the Elementary School (ages 5 -11), while the middle and secondary school students (ages 12 - 18) will attend classes at the XBS campus.where there are 30 classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and offices....already completed and furnished!

It is an exciting time, for sure.  Please allow me to take this time to welcome you to a great community event--and sneak preview of the new proposed XBS campus--our annual Wine & Cheese Event.@ 18:00 on Saturday, 26 January.  This is an open community event, so invite your friends, as well.  More details are in the email below.  RSVP is necessary, thank you.

That's all for now, enjoy the Newsletter and have a great weekend!

Best regards,

Daniel Blaho, Director

QSI International School of Bratislava

After a long break, students in the 5YO classroom are zipping through letter recognition and sound/ symbol discrimination in small groups.  Students had to point to each letter and share its sound for both upper and lower case letters, one at a time.  This activity allowed for students to see how much they have learned throughout the year, as well as support their classmates that needed a little help with a letter or two!  

Ms. Joanie Conley
5 Year Old Teacher
In 8 year old math class, the students learn how to multiply and divide. This is a big step for the students. The children learn using a wide variety of manipulatives and strategies. Some of the strategies the students learn are: finding patterns in a number table, using arrays and bar models and making picture drawings of the problems. The students learn that multiplication and division are related and that the numbers belong to a “Fact Family,” for example: 3, 4, 12. The Fact Family is 3 x 4 = 12, 4 x 3 = 12, 12 /3 = 4 and 12 /4 = 3. Finding numbers on a number table includes using a number chart and matching the rows and columns. The students also learn how to use arrays and how each problem can be changed around but the answer will still be the same. The 8 yo students are doing a GREAT job learning how to multiply and divide!! 

Mrs. Bonnie Phillips
8 Year Old Teacher

or wàn suì translates to “ten thousand years” or “long live” and was used to wish the emperor of China a long life and reign.

During a recent Cultural Studies lesson, some of the 13 year olds tried on ‘a crown’ to see how it felt to be an emperor. We were studying the rise of the Song dynasty and the way that the Song emperor protected China. The emperor used a three prong approach to protect his country by: keeping a strong army, paying off potential threats, and pitting one threat against China to another threat against China. The students were comparing how the Song emperors protected China, at the time, and if they would do the same thing or if they would do it differently. The students who wore ‘the crown’ got to be the emperor and explain their opinions while everyone else listened, just like a real emperor. The audience did a great job of listening to ‘the emperor’ and being very respectful to the ‘main person’ and to their ideas. The lesson was very thought provoking and it raised some interesting discussion points.

Mr. Phillips
Algebra, Economics, and Cultural Studies

Historical Record Keeping: Tying it All Together

AP World History is currently studying the Americas before European contact. One essential skill to AP World History is understanding historical documents, but what if a document isn't a "document." To further understand the Incas and their record keeping system of tying knots onto ropes called quipu, students were tasked with devising their own record keeping system using only strings and knots. The students got creative, with some basing their system on Morse code or the Roman alphabet, while others devised ways in which math could be used as a language (something similar to the original Incan concept). Two groups even used creative knot tying to create images of objects which could tell a story. If only these knots could talk!

Jared King
Cultural Studies/Music/Coordinator of Performances
After enjoying a refreshing and exciting winter break, the students from our Intensive English class have been more than happy not only to tell their friends all about their fun holiday adventures, but also full of energy and ready for the upcoming learning challenges: Revision of the Christmas Vocabulary Word List and moving on to a new unit on wild animals and their habitats.

Mrs. Sofija Pejic 
Intensive English Teacher
The 5 YO Music class was fully focused on practicing songs for the Winter Concert. Our little ones did a great job showing their parents what they learned over the past few months. They proved their skills in performing, singing and dancing.

Ms. Nikoleta Jonasova
Music Teacher
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