Dear QSI International School of Bratislava Community,

We are excited to invite you all to the midyear Student-involved Parent-Teacher Conferences next Friday, 15 February from 8:00am - 4:30am.  There is no school for children, but we strongly encourage that all children attend these conferences with you.  Your children have made incredible progress--academically and personally--and they have plenty to show you!

Also, please save the date:  7 March 2019 @ 6:00pm - 9:00pm we will have our Annual Information Night at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  There will be teachers, students and parents in attendance, along with displays of student work and Informational Sessions on the QSI Academic Program, the International Baccalaureate Program (IB), the Advanced Placement Program (AP), University Counseling & Placement, the Activity & Athletic program, the expanding bus program and much, more more!

Have a great week.

Kind regards,

Daniel Blaho, Director

QSI International School of Bratislava

This month in the 5YO Classroom, we finished up our "How To" Literacy Unit, which guides students through the process of how to make lists, sequence steps, and teach others about topics through writing.  
Our culminating activity was how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and ants on a log.  Students enjoyed learning the steps but not as much as they did eating the yummy finished products!   Later that day, we wrote and illustrated the steps in each process.  Please stop by the 5YO wing and see our final drafts because they are amazing!

Ms. Joanie Conley
5 Year Old Teacher

In 8 year old reading class, the students are learning about reading and writing fiction. They will read fiction books and stories to help develop a deeper understanding of the text. The students will learn how to compare his/her point of view with that of the author or main character in a story. As the student begins to understand the structure of the fiction being read, he/she will use that knowledge to construct fictional writing pieces. The students will also use their knowledge of story elements to differentiate between genres of fiction; fables, folktales and myths.

During class, the students can enjoy a few minutes of silent reading time everyday. They can read any book that interests them. The students can read books from home or they can check them out from the wonderful QSIB library. The 8 year olds love to read story books and beginning chapter books. Yay for reading!!!

Mrs. Bonnie Phillips
8 Years Old Tacher

In the Algebra 1 class, the students are learning about linear equations. The students learn to identify solutions of linear functions in two variables as ordered number pairs. They also learn to calculate the rate of change of a function and determine the slope of the line. The students worked together in teams to solve a series of problems. They worked cooperatively, not competitively. The class was able to work through several story problems and show application of the techniques learned throughout the unit. The class did a great job working together to solve the equations. 

Mr. Kelly Phillips
Algebra, Economics, and Cultural Studies

Students in Advanced Math I have been working on rational functions for a few weeks.  They had the opportunity to apply their math skills in physics, performing “Pendulum Experiments.”  Their goal was to use their skills of solving rational equations to compute the theoretical period and compare it to the experimental periods of their self-constructed pendulums.  The purpose of this was to decide whether the hanging mass and/or the length of the string that their bob of the pendulum (coins) was hanging from was affecting the period of the pendulum.  After completion of their experiments, students presented their data and conclusions, along with some impressive explanations using physics and math to justify their reasoning and findings.  The students had to use their problem-solving skills to construct their pendulums and to make sure that they were able to collect valid data. Students also had to navigate the challenges of working with a partner to achieve the overall goal of the investigation.

Mrs. Diana Guyer
Secondary Mathematics & Physics Teacher & CAS coordinator

Bonjour tout le monde!

In our French I and French II class, we worked on a project: Introduction to Antoine de Saint Exupéry's, Le Petit Prince.

We explored his most famous quotes and each student got to choose one to be illustrated.

French I students also worked on near future tense, “aller + infinitive” (going to) and French II studied the past participle of irregular verbs.

With IB French AB Initio year 1 students, we practiced past exam paper 1 (texts comprehension and questions) and paper 2 (essay writing).

Ms. Valerie Chauvey
French Teacher
On Monday, Secondary music students traveled to St. Martin's to hear the Gustavus Adolphus College Choir in concert. The college is from St. Peter, Minnesota, in the United States and is touring the music capitals of Europe. Our students were also treated to an exclusive meet-and-greet with current singers, college alumni, and one of the conductors prior to the concert where students were able to ask them all about participating in music in higher education and beyond. It truly was a memorable choral experience in the acoustically rich venue of St. Martins. 

Mr. Jared King
Music Teacher
The elementary students are finishing the unit called "rhythms," and during this week (January 28 - February 1) they have been presenting their own performances in front of their classmates. In these performances, the students are developing and practicing more complex rhythmical patterns with an emphasis on coordination, social interaction, and self-expression through body movement. The unit focuses on the importance of fitness for life and the value of dance as a life sport. 

Mr. Pavol Siska
PE Teacher
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