Dear QSI International School of Bratislava Community,

First off, I would like to congratulate the Knowledge Bowl (led by Ms. Gibbs and Ms. Plunkett) and the Speech & Debate (led by Mr. King and Ms. Chauvey) teams who scored big victories in their CEESA tournaments in Krakow, Poland, and Tirana, Albania, respectively, the past two weekends.  Greatness in the classroom supports success in extracurricular clubs and activities @ QSI International School of Bratislava!

Secondly, I look forward to welcoming you--and your children--to the Student-involved Parent Teacher Conferences this Friday, 15 February.  Remember, there's no school; however, this is an excellent opportunity to see just how much your child has grown!

Finally, Save the Date:  7 March 2019 @ 6:00pm - 9:00pm we will have our Annual Information Night at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  There will be teachers, students and parents in attendance, along with displays of student work and Informational Sessions on the QSI Academic Program, the International Baccalaureate Program (IB), the Advanced Placement Program (AP), University Counseling & Placement, the Activity & Athletic program, the expanding bus program and much, more more!

Kind regards,

Daniel Blaho, Director

QSI International School of Bratislava

The 3YO classroom is working on a unit called Changes. In this unit, the children are learning all about the four different characteristics of the seasons. In order for the children to understand the pattern of the seasons, colorful pictures were used in seasonal matching activities. We also read a lot of books including Rain, Snow, Clouds, and Wind and talked about the different kinds of weather. As an Art activity to accompany this unit, the children made an umbrella from paper plates. They used their pointer finger to create the handle of the umbrella and added raindrops. If you happen to walk through the ECC, please take time to have a look at this beautiful display of the children’s art. 

Within the science and math aspect of this unit, the children learned how water can change into ice. The children had fun pouring water into ice cube trays, adding colorful beads and a lollipop stick lid that was put into the freezer. The following day, the children enjoyed breaking down the ice and counting all of the beads in their ice cube lollipop. Each child had a different number of beads in their cube and really enjoyed this counting activity.

The children have really enjoyed learning all about the seasons - in a variety of ways - in this unit. 

Mrs. Madeleine Desauvage
3 Year Old Teacher
The 6 year olds have been working on learning the terms “greater than” and “less than" when comparing two numbers.  For some, it is a hard concept to grasp as the children must remember which way the sign faces. We practiced mastering this concept by becoming human “alligator” signs!  Remember, alligators are big creatures that love to eat a lot of food so they will always open their mouths towards the bigger number. All we were missing were some sharp teeth! Yum yum! 

Mrs. Jeanne Baca
6 Year  Old Teacher

STEM Activity...Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

The 9YO students are always thrilled when we can find time to do a STEM activity. For this challenge, the students had to design a snowman using only newspaper, toilet paper, masking tape, paper towel and toilet paper rolls. The critical part of any STEM activity is the design process because it requires the students to think about an effective design that will enable them to build their challenge using only the specified materials. After the planning stage, the students built some very unique and innovative snowmen using their design and good partnerships. The final portion of this STEM activity involved partner presentations in which each pair needed to complete their reflection on this STEM activity - focusing on their successes and difficulties completing this challenge - and then share this information with their classmates. As with every STEM activity, the 9YOs showed a lot of growth mindset and good group interaction!

Mrs. Elizabeth Pokorny
9 Year Old Class

The 11 year old class has been busy!  We are in our 5th unit of Math and Literature and Writing and we just completed a large unit in Cultural Studies about Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.  Along with all of the class work and studying and tests, we also found a little time to visit the President of The Slovak Republic.  The 8-11 year olds all went to the palace and received a beautiful tour ending with the president coming out to greet the kids and take pictures! We walked with the students to the castle to tour the grounds and have a nice picnic lunch.  The students were well behaved, well dressed, and well mannered the whole day.  It was a great day to be in Bratislava!

Mr. Kurt Lundberg
11 Year Old Class
The IB Physics class is studying waves of all types. By recording the sounds made by blowing across various lengths of straws, the students determine the velocity of sound. They use a program on their computers called Audacity to record the sounds and graph the frequencies. The students use the graphs to find the fundamental frequencies. The students find the wavelengths according to the lengths of straws being used. By graphing their results, they can determine the speed of sound. 

Mrs. Holly Plunkett
Secondary Mathematics and Physics
            Your Yearbook Team has been working hard to preserve the greatest memories from this school year. They have sharpened their skills in article writing, interviewing, and caption writing. We have some great amateur photographers in the group ready to capture every wonderful moment in our QSI community. I am very proud of their proficiency in the graphic design program they have been working with throughout the year. This is an advanced digital design tool that is not easy to master. Our business team has also devoted their lunch times to marketing and selling the yearbook. Be sure to order yours while supplies last!

Mrs. Kate DeBusschere
During the 13's Slovak literature class, many famous literary works and authors are discussed. Students have learned to distinguish between genres such as global youth novel, romantic books, and suspense\detective literature. The point of this unit was to understand the structure of what creates a specific genre by reading texts and analyzing them and answering questions at the end.  

Mrs. Marta Vojtkova
Slovak Teacher
When students become teachers! This is our target for our students, to MASTER what they do and learn, and the 9 years olds are doing a great job with that. It is the second term they're practicing on recorders, and they are improving their skills day by day! You will understand better on the Spring concert where, together with the rest of the classes, they will show you their skills by performing many familiar melodies for you all! 

Mr. Ioannis Sideris
Music Teacher
                                        Art Attack! by Ms. Erin
 • The 5YO students just finished a cross-curricular art project, focusing on their studies of the continents and oceans. Using clay, each student created the form of a selected continent. We then painted in the oceans and land details, such as deserts and forests. These final artworks have great texture and are awesome to look at and touch!

 • The 6YOs are currently learning about Abstract art and how to use colors, lines, shapes, and textures to create a unique, but unrecognizable painting. They will then work with Realistic drawing techniques, creating a self-portrait to place on top of their beautiful paintings. We can't wait to see the final result!

 • A great time with the 7YOs this week using different materials to create a unique sculpture form! Slightly spiky, twirly, and just plain wild, these artworks use pipe cleaners, straws, glow-sticks, beads, buttons, and more! Check them out in the Library & Art Wing windows!

 • With lots of clay technique practice, the 10YOs are now applying those skills to sculpt an "Ugly Mug". Using their own designs, each student is forming the mug shape and sculpting the ugly features - eyes, nose, mouth, etc. The clay isn't easy to use and requires patience, but these artists are shining in their creativity and determination. Look out for some freaky faces coming soon!

 • Cardboard creativity is all the craze in the 12YO art class. Focusing on Movement & Emphasis, two of the Principles of Design, these artists are cutting, gluing, and constructing fantastic cardboard structures! 

 • The amazing Art I students continue explorations of 3D art and their Plaster Gauze sculptures. Using a wide variety of media and methods (gauze strips, wood, found object, assemblage, painting, etc.) each student is creating a work that represents themselves! These are truly impressive and unique to each artist. We can't wait for the finals to be on display soon!

Ms. Erin Kenealy
Art Teacher                                    
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