Dear QSI International School of Bratislava Friends and Families,

I hope that you all are fully enjoying the holiday season.  We have already participated in the International Women's Club of Bratislava Christmas Bazaar; presented (three times!) our musical Singin' in the Rain; hosted the PSG Winter Market in the QSI atrium; and witnessed the very snowy Early Childhood & 5-year-old Class Winter Concert....and we're just getting warmed up!

Please come join us for Pancakes with Santa (more in this newsletter) or see the talents and hear the voices of our elementary, middle and secondary school students at next week's QSI Bratislava Winter Concert (also, more details in this newsletter).

We have also found time to donate gifts and money to four charities...Toys for Tots (for less fortunate children), the Depaul Charity (for homeless men and women), the World Wildlife Fund (for endangered species), and our continuing support of the Children's Hospital in Kramare.

Thank you to all who have participated and/or contributed to these events and causes.
Have a fantastic weekend and a joyous holiday season,

Daniel Blaho, Director

QSI International School of Bratislava

The 3 yo class has started a new unit about giants. This week they learned about oceans. They learned about different species of animals that live in the ocean:
-Crabs etc...  

In maths, the 3yo learned the concept of big and little. Our little ones had fun posing together for a picture with some of the "big" student at QSI. 

Mrs. Madeleine Desauvage
3-Year-Old Teacher
Every day during reading, the 6 year olds work hard to improve their phonics skills and reading levels.  Each week we focus on new sounds, consonant blends, and vowels.  After reading with the teacher in small groups, students are asked to put their comprehension skills to work and expand on what they have read by writing small paragraphs.  Once finished, they enjoy picking a book of their choice and level and quietly reading on the carpet. They are learning not only how to read but that reading is FUN!   

Mrs. Jeanne Baca
6-Year-Old Teacher
Using Thinking Routines in the 9YO Classroom

This week in the 9YO Reading class, the students were introduced to a new routine for "thinking" and making thinking more "visible." One way to make thinking more visible is to develop a culture of thinking in the classroom. In order to do that, certain thinking routines need to be practiced consistently until the routines become a habit. The 9YOs have been reading the book, Owls in the Family, so in an effort to make the students' thinking more "visible" - one strategy called Color-Symbol-Image (CSI) was introduced.

The students were really excited to show their "thinking" and share the color, symbol and image that they chose for the chapter.  What was most interesting was that - although the students identified the same main idea in the chapter - the colors, symbols and images were all different - making their own individual thinking on the same topic visible!

The introduction of this strategy is a great starting point for sharing and discussing the various reasons why the students chose a particular color, symbol and image. This is just the first of many thinking routines that will be incorporated into the 9YO classroom as we make "visible thinking" our goal to strive for this year!

Mrs. Elizabeth Pokorny
9-Year-Old Teacher
The IB Physics class is completing their unit on circular motion. What better way to explore the forces and acceleration of objects in orbit than studying the orbit of a flying pig! Students recorded the radius and speed of the pig to find both its theoretical and experimental acceleration. The experiment was a success with only 5% error! 

Mrs. Holly Plunkett
Secondary Mathematics and Physics

This quintile in American Literature, students have put their persuasive skills to the test. After an extensive study of rhetorical appeals and devices in Early American writing, students have learned how to argue like revolutionaries. Using rhetorical devices and persuasive speech, students took a stand on an issue relative to the modern world. Such topics included cloning, animal testing, security cameras in schools, and smoking in public places. You can be sure that lively discussions took place after each student delivered their speech.

Mrs. Kate DeBusschere
Secondary Literature & Media/Publications
            A little bit of piano, some recorders, xylophones, a great mood and a lot of passion to create beautiful music and …voilà!!! Our 9-year-olds are working on perfecting the songs for the Winter Concert on Tuesday 11th of December. Like all the rest of the classes, they are super excited to present to you what they worked so hard on, and to satisfy you with their music, performance and creations, and to wish you happy Holidays!!!

Mr. Ioannis Sideris
Activities & Athletics Coordinator, Music - 6,7,9,10's        
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