Dear QSI International School of Bratislava Community,

What an amazing evening last Friday was...the cast and crew led by our very own Mr. King put on a show for the ages! Congratulations to all who participated in the annual musical Singin' in the Rain.  This was a night to remember...well done!

Enjoy the newsletter, the remaining two weeks of school and the Winter season.

Kind regards,

Daniel Blaho, Director

QSI International School of Bratislava

This month in the 5YO Classroom we have been studying weather patterns, temperature, and how seasons change.  The students each made a colorful wheel to better understand which months belong in each season, and the weather patterns associated with them.  After we finished our wheels, we transitioned into writing Opinion Paragraphs on our preference for rain or snow.  Please stop by the 5YO hallway and check out our finished masterpieces!  

Mrs. Joanie Conley
5-Year-Old Teacher

In Science, the 8 year old students worked on a backpacking project in their Science and Engineering Practices EO1. The students had a list of twenty items that they could choose to take on the trip but the weight of their backpacks could not exceed 20 pounds. The students had some interesting discussions, each student pointing out why they thought the item they wanted was more valuable than something else on the list. The students had to decide what was needed versus what was wanted. For example, they needed clothes so that they could be warm on the cold nights but they wanted to take the cooking set because it would be easier to prepare meals. There were some tough decisions for the 8 year olds to make.

The students also learned about bridges and heavy winds. The students studied the Tacoma Narrows Bridge that collapsed during a high wind storm in the 1940’s. They brainstormed different ways the bridge could be rebuilt so that it would be stronger, and they learned about building materials and test models. The students worked in teams to talk about how bridge designs could be improved. They looked at new materials that could make the bridges stronger, and they learned how new bridge designs are tested in high velocity wind tunnels.

Mrs. Bonnie Phillips
8-Year-Old Teacher


In 13 year old Cultural Studies, the students are learning about African Civilizations. We started off learning about the effects of climate and environment on the early civilizations of Africa. Then, the students learned about Mansa Musa (the emperor of Mali) who was arguably the richest man who ever lived. It is said that Mansa Musa was so rich that when he traveled to Mecca he took thousands of camels and donkeys, eighty of which were laden with gold. As the story goes, he spent so much money along the way that he distorted the economies of the countries he traveled to. The students were fascinated by these details.


Next, the class designed and created their own games to help them explain the reasons for the rise and fall of Ghana, Mali and Songhai. There were four groups and each group created a different game. The students could create any type of game they wanted: dice, cards, board game... The games had to teach the other students about the rise and fall of the three countries and it had to be interesting. Here you can see some of the students playing the games. The 13 year olds really enjoyed creating the games and teaching their classmates about Ghana, Mali and Songhai.

Mr. Kelly Phillips
Sec. Math & Science, Business, Env. Science


Students in Physical Science (13 YO) have just closed their “Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table Unit” by constructing a model of an atom of an element of their choice.  This activity not only allowed students to be creative and extended their knowledge of the structure of an atom and periodic table, but also tested their spatial reasoning and building skills.  Students had to predict the properties of their elements using the arrangement of the periodic table. They applied their understanding of an atomic number and mass number to create the number of the subatomic particles of their atoms.  Finally, they used their models to compare and contrast the three subatomic particles of their atoms based on their properties.

Mrs. Diana Guyer
Secondary Mathematics, Physics Teacher & CAS coordinator

This week with the elementary German Intro I class, we practiced the topic of "Family" to revise vocabulary, such as family members and colors. Kids had fun and enjoyed this activity. 

Ms. Marianna Chlpanova
German Teacher
The secondary classes, in their unit number five, will explore the body's nutritional requirements for proper functioning. The six classes of nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water) will be discussed. and the students will analyze their daily intake based on their body's requirements. The student will learn how physical activity and nutrition are related, how to make healthy food choices, and how the FITT formula can be used to meet nutritional needs. Fruit juice, processed sugar, and soft drinks will be discussed as the leading cause of obesity. On the other hand, the middle school and elementary students will participate in a variety of throwing and catching drills, activities and games. This unit focuses on developing manipulative skills while integrating them with game concepts. 
Mr. Pavol Siska
PE Teacher
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