Dear QSI International School of Bratislava Community,

Thank you to all who have Re-registered for the 2019-20 school year.  We have 93% of our student body returning to QSI Bratislava in August 2019!  Pair this with the new students--and teachers--who will join us and we will make a great QSI experience even better!

Also, we have 20+ countries registered for this Saturday's (6 April) International Brunch...I look forward to seeing you all there.

Enjoy the rest of your week,

Daniel Blaho, Director

QSI International School of Bratislava

Our frogs learnt how to compare lengths and how to distinguish what is shorter and longer. Children selected an object from the room and brought it to the circle. The two objects were then placed side by side so the children could determine which was longer and which was shorter.
We helped them understand that when they compare the items to see which is longer and which is shorter, they needed to first make sure the two items were lined up at the bottom. Afterward we played car race. Using yarn strings we compared whose car took a shorter and whose car took a longer distance. It was exciting to see how concepts can be explored and reinforced through their play.

Ms. Nika Sablaturova
3 Year Old Teacher
It’s that time of year when the 6 year olds learn just how to tell the basics of time!  We have spent the last few days reviewing the hands of a clock and how to tell time to the hour and half hour. Students loved getting their own little clocks and moving the hands to the right positions. They also learned how to properly write time with both numbers and words. They are all so excited that they can now look at the real clock hanging in the classroom and know just how long until it is recess! 

Mrs. Jeanne Baca
6 Year Old Teacher
The 9YOs have been working really hard on completing a webquest for their Cultural Studies unit on Ancient Egypt. This webquest was a series of six online missions that required research, determining good information that answered the essential questions, and learning how to write the information in their own words. This project took a lot of time and effort, but some important skills, such as avoiding plagiarism, were learned. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Pokorny
9 Year Old Class
The 11 year olds have been hard at work the past few weeks.  In science, we are learning about chemistry, elements and atoms and have introduced the Periodic table.  We have begun to make clay models that replicate certain compounds and we are measuring the mass and volume of random objects they have found.  We have continued to work diligently on our English grammar and the students recently made videos to advertise certain things that they would love to invent and sell.  One group wants to sell organic toilet paper made from goose feather. Another group has designed a box to allow kids to use any video game no matter what the brand, to stream the games on their own computer.  And the last group designed a Holophone, similar to Siri but she appears as a hologram. Very inventive minds! We have also started our spring athletics and numerous  kids from the class have begun track and field.  

Mr. Kurt Lundberg
11 Year Old Teacher
Literature 1- Romeo and Juliet

“What light through yonder window breaks? It is the East, and Juliet is the sun!” Secondary I Literature has been engrossed in all things Shakespeare. Through in-class readings and performances, we have been submerged in the beauty of Romeo and Juliet. Students have explored the historical context of the Shakespearean age by researching and presenting on different aspects of life in Elizabethan England. They have written their own original sonnets and created individual art projects about Queen Mab. We were also treated to a live performance at the Wustenrot Theatre in Bratislava by the TNT Britain theatre group. Seeing the play brought to life on the stage was a true eye opener for the students as they could see how the actors interpreted and delivered Shakespeare’s words. This further inspired students to fully commit to their roles during in-class readings.

Mrs. Kate DeBusschere
Secondary Literature & Media/Publications

Are you ready for dancing? Because our elementary students are getting ready for it! Music is not only singing and playing an instrument. Our bodies are instruments and can be metronomes too. Keeping the rhythm with some nice figures on stage, why not? Stay tuned, Spring concert is coming!

Mr. Ioannis Sideris
Music Teacher
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