PSG organizes a variety of activities during the school year, and of course, each year, there is something different. 

However, there are also traditional annual PSG events. 

These are:



PSG Autumn Party Fundraiser

During this event, students perform, trick or treat trunk to trunk and generally PSG auctions off items. Everyone is encouraged to come in masks and have as much fun as possible. 


Holiday Bazaar

In cooperation with a local organization and embassies, our students get to participate in a Holiday Bazaar event under the direction of PSG. 




Movie Nights

PSG often organizes movie nights for the students at school where students get to watch a movie of their choice, while enjoying popcorn!


Teacher Appreciation Day 

PSG has a tradition of doing wonderful things for teachers and staff of QSIM for Teacher Appreciation Day.  


International Food Day

As one of the most anticipated events of the year, the International Food Day happens in the spring. All families are encouraged to come, watch the students perform and bring something delicious from their home country.