undefinedThe secondary program prepares students for colleges and universities worldwide. The rigorous academic program includes mathematics, laboratory science (biology, physics, and chemistry), world cultural studies and history, literature, writing, art, music, physical education, foreign languages, and computer literacy. Students have to opportunity to take Advanced Placement courses. PSAT, SAT and AP exams are offered on site.

Secondary students participate in a “Bring Your Own Device” program. Students all bring laptops or tablets which they use on a daily basis. Computer skills are therefore integrated into all courses of study. Students can access our Wi-Fi network, email assignments to teachers, share their ideas on Moodle, and engage in research, virtual labs, and other activities.

Secondary students contribute to the school in a number of ways. They run the student store, plan and facilitate school activities, and are role models for the younger students. Each year the students select a community service project. They year they are working at a state-owned stable, helping to care for the horses.