QSI Philosophy


The schools of QUALITY SCHOOLS INTERNATIONAL (QSI) have been founded in order to provide a quality education in the English language for expatriates living in the international community. Local citizens who want their children to be educated in English are also accepted. The schools recognize that most of the students are enrolled for only two or three years and have diverse educational backgrounds. The philosophy of QSI includes the following:

1. Attitudes Toward Learning - We believe that more learning will occur if the student has a desire to learn, has positive feelings concerning his school environment, and succeeds in his work. A comfortable atmosphere of caring and acceptance established by the school is considered important, so that each student is encouraged to strive for excellence and to be creative. This is enhanced by an aesthetically pleasing environment with a view to appreciation of beauty and order. Each student's possibility of success increases when he works at the appropriate level of difficulty and senses positive expectations from his teachers.

2. Areas of Learning - Mastery of basic skills is considered a vital part of education, essential for success in studies of other subjects as well as in most situations in life. A broad and varied program of physical education, fine arts, and other activities is also considered important to enhance the interest and education of the students.

3. Social Behavior - For a useful and meaningful life we encourage the development of personal qualities leading to acceptable values and harmonious relationships.

4. Cultural Awareness - An understanding and acceptance of the different cultures represented in the school are considered important. We believe emphasis should be placed on gaining an appreciation and knowledge of the region and the local country in particular.

5. Environmental Awareness - We believe it is essential to have an awareness of the value of protecting and improving our environment.