Information Resources Plan

QSI Chisinau

Vision Statement

* QSI Chisinau will provide the students and teachers with the necessary informational resources needed to prepare students for a technologically advancing world. The teachers will ensure that students are taught in a manner that gives them ample opportunities to practice critical thinking skills and digital awareness to become ethical and responsible citizens.

Professional Development Plan/Implementation

* Please see the QSI Chisinau Professional Development Plan

* Please see the Technology Objective Action Plan.

Integration of Technology in Learning/Instruction Plan * Please see the QSI Technology Curriculum

* Please see the Technology Objective Action Plan.

Course Outcomes * Please see the QSI Technology Curriculum

Staff Evaluation and Support

* Each Spring the staff will be given a survey to determine their satisfaction with the information resources and suggestions for improvements.

* There will be formal PD given to teachers as outlined in our PD Plan and Action Plan.

* There informal support and PD given to teachers throughout the year as needed by the IT department, the Director, and peer teachers.


* There are specific line items in our budget for both the library and technology.

Ongoing maintenance and support

* The Director will meet with the IT Department, the technology committee, and the head of the library at least 3 times per year (August, January and May) to determine any maintenance and support that needs to be considered.